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    LED Headlight range adjustment.

    Hi Guys, Just had my LED headlights on the 2018 Golf gti adjusted up as they were set way too low from factory, however, had a car full of passengers last night and it now adjusts the auto levelling too low so they point at the floor again. Could anyone tell me which adaptation deals with the...
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    Golf LED headlight adjustment

    Hi Guys, 2018 Golf with LED headlights. For some reason, the dipped beam is set quite low from the factory, so i would like to raise them slightly to light up a little more of the road ahead. Seeing as they have auto levelling, is there anywhere in VCDS i can raise them? It seems there is no...
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    2018 Golf Rear Wiper Washer

    Hi all, 2018 Golf 5dr. When we operate the rear wiper, to just clear the condensation in the morning, pushing the stalk to the first stop operates the washer at the same time. Is there anywhere in adaptations that will allow me to remove this feature, and just allow the washer part to work if...
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    Blank Codes on 2018 7.5 GolfGTi

    Hi all, Just picked up a new golf and wanted to look for tweaks however, the cent elecs module comes up with all 0's? Scan attached. Monday,24,September,2018,14:23:44:35443 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 10 x64 VCDS Version: (x64) HEX-V2 CB: 0.4411.4 Data...
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    Van struggling to start in cold weather

    Hi All, 2017 Caddy van 2.0 150, just under a year old struggles to start in the cold. I'll be getting it booked in as its under warranty, but out of interest, what measuring blocks would i check to make sure battery health is ok, or the altenator is running ok? And what values should mean...
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    Controller refused to send a seed!

    Hi all, Just trying to access the door controller with my valid security access code and i get the error.. "Controller refused to send a seed!' I've never had this error before as i have always used this code. Any pointers? I am using 17.8.1 on W10 Thanks
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    Bi-Xenon Adjustment

    Hi all, Currently running 25W HID lamps (factory fit), and the light output is quite poor considering. The current Headlight Dimming Voltage is set to 13V, so would it be better if i increased this to around 13.2V to give a slightly brighter light output? Or do they run at maximum voltage...
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    MIBII Enabling text messaging

    Hi all, For reasons that are too long to go into, i had a 2016 VW caddy with this unit, and with my iPhone, if it was connected via bluetooth, it would show an icon at the top of the display and read out any text messages when selected. I now have a 2017 VW Caddy with the same unit, and they...
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    Tail Light Dimming/LED Lamps

    After having a couple of days with the LED tail lights, they are a little on the bright side compared to the rest in the cluster, that are w5w capless lamps x 3. As there is an option to activate tail light dimming, and that there is no dimming applied by default, would it work for me to drop...
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    Adjusting Delay of Autolights

    Hi all, Just been into Central elecs to adjust the delay time for the auto lights, as they seem to come on at the slightest shade caused by travelling under trees etc. However, when i look at the adaptation channel i get some strange value in the settings... If i adjust the value as per...
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    Door Entry/ Exit Lights

    I am going to retrofit some door entry lights in the door cards of my Caddy, as they only come with reflectors, assuming the wiring in already in place. However, when accessing the coding on the DCM, it seems i should have a bubble pop up with the coding info, but for some reason, it doesn't...
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    Enabling Electric windows after door opening.

    As my mirro folding on lock/unlock is no go, i wondered if there was any way that the power to the windows and mirrors could still be enabled after i open the door, so that if and when i forget to fold the mirrors, they would still work. SO, after going into 09, i found that the bit (4) that...
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    Fault Code help!

    Hi all, Couple of faults have shown up, one being a day or so again when i first got my VCDS. Im going to get the van booked in for another issue, however, i will tell them its had some issues. Could anyone help out as to what they are meaning please? Two scans included as the recent scan...
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    Security Code 2017 VW Caddy

    Hi, Is 31347 the security code for access to the 09 module? After scanning the internet, it seems this maybe the default code whatever model of car. Thanks :)
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    No response from controller

    Hi all, Brand new VCDS with all software up to date on Windows 10, however, on a 2017 2K Caddy, if i try to access any of the modules in the other tabs in the main screen other than 'installed' all come back as "No response from controller". Any ideas please? Thanks
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    Caddy 2K 2017 Mirror fold on lock.

    Hi all, Just getting to grips with using VCDS but wondered if anyone has any idea how to program mirrors to fold on lock and unfold on ignition? My auto scan (sorry not sure how to put it in a smaller box).. Chassis Type: 2K (7N0) Scan: 01 03 08 09 10 13 15 16 17 19 25 42 44 46 52 5F 61 VIN...
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    Just joined the collective!

    Hi all, Just bought myself a VCDS for home use, and wondered if the vehicle records how many times it has been accessed via VCDS? Reason being, is that it's a new vehicle and I don't want the dealer to find any kind of excuse not to deal with any warranty issues. Cheers!