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    Turbo actuator adjustment!

    Hello everybody, can someone told me, how to adjust a new actuator for turbo on my Audi 80 B4 1.9 TDI - 1994 year with non-variable geometry? Thanks
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    MAF Air sensor, actual is higher than specified ?

    Hello, can someone told me, is my MAF sensor bad? Car is Audi 80 B4, 1.9 tdi 66kw, 1z engine, and works normaly and no problems with speed or with nothing. But some days ago, the car shut down while driving, and after that works normally like before. But today again, the car shut down while...
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    Audi 80 B4 1.9 TDI VAG-COM TDI TIMING - 94 year

    Hello, when i connect my Audi to VAG-COM and open TDI-TiMMING, they show me "All 1Z 1994>" ? Is this ok? because i have also other options to choose: - 80 1Z>2.94 (ver.D08) - 80 1Z>2.94 (ver.D09) - 80 1Z 92-2.94 - All 1Z 1994 How can i know which engine is mine ? Thanks