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    Fuel rail pressure fluctuations

    So having no fault codes but getting fluctuation in pressure. Is this normal or is the hpfp or lpfp possibly going bad? you can the fluctuation in this one also the red bar graph in middle for fuel rail pressure Saturday,10,October,2020,20:59:42:51129 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS...
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    MAF oscillation??

    I have a b8 A4 with a k04-0064 & IE tune. Logged yesterday after resetting wastegate preload to 8 psi and noticed a weird 30-40 g/s oscillation between 3200-4000 rpm. Something to look into or should I give ecu more time to adapt?
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    Auto upshift

    Previously disabled auto upshift with an older version of VCDS, got a new computer loaded vcds and now when i select adaptation channel IDE06873 (automatic Upshift) is no longer in the drop down menu. when i go to long coding under byte 1 it is there but selecting it...