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    Audi a4 saloon guage always showing temp high

    hello dear wizards i have a audi a4 2012 the problem is that the car shows temperature 90deg even after disconnecting the coolant sensor. as a result the fan stays on all the time. i cant get 5v ref on the coolant sensor or the ecu on relavant points. please help me diagnose this one...
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    Audi a6 level control

    Hello wizards i have a audi a6. I want to do aur suspension basic settings. I have done this procedure atleast 50 times successfully on many vehicles but in this vehicle when i select the step "startup to refrence level" it runs and then an error pops Up saying "aborted due to safety reasons "...
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    Skoda octavia with Dq250 basic settings please help

    Hello friends. I have done basic settings on numerous dsg units with help from wiki Ross-tech. I now have a new model Octavia and the meny has no blocks to select like the 060 in others. Instead it has a drop down menu. Please help. The car had no errors just the second gear is slipping and...
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    SKODA yeti ABS issue

    hello wizards need your help. i have a skoda yeti attaching the scan file. the abs shows many errors i replaced the faulty sensors now only one error is present and that is 01130 - ABS Operation 008 - Implausible Signal Freeze Frame: Fault Status...
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    Security code not prompted

    Hello guys. I had a skoda octavia 1z the other day for scanning and coding. I was not prompted the security code for many modules and so i was unable to code the vehicle. I tried the 12233 code but it didnt work.i even tried uninstalling and reinstalling vcds but all in vain.
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    VW 1.5 tdi crdi polo not starting once heated

    hello you fantastic people. i have a polo 1.5 tdi crdi with a peculiar problem the car starts finevwhen cold but once the coolant temp reaches 90 degrees and if i turn off the ignition then the car fails to start it just keeps cranking and starts only when the coolant temp reaces below 90 deg...