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    Slow dimming rear view mirror

    The dimming of the rear view in my 2012 CC is getting slower and slower. Anyone else having this issue or know of a fix ... short of replacing the mirror?
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    2012 VW CC trunk lid corner light out...broken wire

    I've got a corner light out on the trunk lid. I swapped the bulb...still no light. I checked voltage to pin for bulb that's out. No continuity in wire between trunk connector and lid connector. Questions are: Is it worth fixing the broken wire or should the whole trunk wiring...
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    2012 VW CC Radio Issue when Rear defogger on

    About a week ago I noticed bad radio reception in the morning. It would suck until about 10 mins into my drive to work. Yesterday I realized the return of the good reception coincided with the rear defogger timing out. I'm able to duplicate. Radio reception goes bad when I turn on the rear...
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    '07 Audi S6 5.2L V10 MAF sensor logging

    Is there a way to log both MAF sensors at the same time so that I can see the air mass reading for each? I thought I could do this by logging blocks 77 & 78 through the 01-Engine controller but when graphed the air mass values are identical.