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    2015 e-Golf - scheduled charging - EV battery life

    trying to see if a few things are possible to check/change on VCDS. (1) on MY2015 scheduled charging is only accessible via the CarNet App. (2016+ this is accessible on the headunit) My CarNet subscription expired so i can no longer change the scheduled charging. Can this be changed on VCDS...
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    Laptop Recommendations

    Not sure if this is the best place post this.... Looking for recommendations on a laptop for VCDS. I currently have a Lenovo G570 I think i got in (2012/13) which is just too slow now. I'm primarily a Mac user but have usually had one Windows PC/laptop for VCDS and one other application that is...
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    P17C5 on 2015 Golf TSI

    Anyone have experience with this code? P17C5? The owner has been getting an intermittent "Transmission Error" on the dash. The car will be going to the dealer soon. I wanted to help them get some info on what the problem might be. The dealership that they go to has been dismissive in the...