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    Hey folks

    Hello! Just thought I'd say hi, my name is Mark, I'm from Northern Ireland and I drive a SEAT Leon FR (I guess most non Europeans won't know what that is, so just read it as a more stylish mk5 Golf :p lol) Joined as I have a couple of specific technical questions, but I'll probably stick...
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    BCM / CECM upgrade to highline

    Hi folks, I have a 2012 SEAT Leon on which I have retrofitted Xenon headlights. I know I need a 087 CECM to operate the Xenon shutters for high beam which my 086 CECM doesn't support. But it seems there are lots of different versions of the CECM with different part numbers, so I'm looking for...
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    New member - need verified

    Hi I've just registered on the forum, however I've since realised i hadn't registered my VCDS interface with Ross Tech and I bought it from Gendan so it wouldn't have been registered automatically I've completed the registration form so I'm hoping that I have completed all the necessary steps...