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    VW sharan 7N2, module 53-EPB loaction?

    Hello I would like to ask you if you have any idea, why module 53-EPB is not accessible in VW sharan? As I've read documentation, its physical and logial logation is in ABS module, but I can't find any slave module(s) in ABS? Thanks Saturday,26,October,2019,12:35:44:38184 VCDS -- Windows...
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    VW sharan 7N, tweak advice needed

    Hello I would like to to some configuration changes in my sahran: - is it possible to have active Auto hold, but disabled Electrical Parking Brake engaging when leaving the car and gear selector is in P position. I want the car to be hold still when stopped, but when it is parked I do not want...
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    AUJDI a6, unable to open rear lid via button on rear lid

    AUDI a6, unable to open rear lid via button on rear lid Hello My friend just bought Audi A6. Rear lid opening works via button installed in front left door or via key remote, but it does not work if button on rear lid is pressed. If I press button on lid, controle module changes its state from...
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    Theoretical question, Traffic jam assist

    Hello I have just theoretical question regarding Traffic jam assist in VW passat 3C, MY 2017. What all needs car to have to be enable this feature? It is DSG, has ACC, Traffic sign recognition, EPB. Auto-scan is not possible to get, car is far away and is not bought yet. Just to guess or...
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    Touran 1T TPMS activation

    Hello I'd like to activate TPMS on wife's touran, WVGZZZ1TZ9W04xxxx. I've read some threads how to, so I decided to guess, and I'v done: Change coding in 46, tried both TPMS/65 and TPMS II/4C change coding in 03, 0021190,to,0004806 change coding in 19, Address 19,1K0 907 530 Q,recoded (Long...