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  1. golfi_vend

    Passat B7 DSG Coasting missing in instruments

    I flashed different flash file that didn't have coasting. No Coasting menu available with this gearbox it seems.
  2. golfi_vend

    Sharan (7N) BF/BE Automatic sliding door Basic Settings

    FYI: There ia TPI that requires door and window lifter modules to be updated. Can be done with dealer tool.
  3. golfi_vend

    Programming folding mirror using remote ( car key )

    Comfort closing enabled?
  4. golfi_vend

    VW RNS310 not showing Climatronic data

    I really like to see image where this climatronic shows temp on rns. ....Please :)
  5. golfi_vend

    VW RNS310 not showing Climatronic data

    This module doesn't support display on RNS.
  6. golfi_vend

    Passat B8 Keyless Entry - kessy retrofit

    Dataset exist. Same way it exists for 5q0 and 3q0 modules. I have a file for 5k0..A(sharan), that was used after 434->434A flash per TPI.
  7. golfi_vend

    Passat B8 Keyless Entry - kessy retrofit

    Passat with same fault code needed correct paramters and adaptions.
  8. golfi_vend

    Coding Massage Button in the driver's seat in Passat B7

    There is nothing to code. Different modules.
  9. golfi_vend

    2017 Tiguan R-Line 2.0 TDI 190 hp DSG 4Motion

    It took me some many hours to find Your post. I updated radar now in 2 cars. First car I used Online, but now that I've found Your post I don't need it anymore. Thanks!
  10. golfi_vend

    BCM Upgrade - Golf MK7.5

    What does ETKA say for direct replacement?
  11. golfi_vend

    ACC Retrofit problems Passat B7 1.6TDI engine

    CJA is 2.0tdi meaning Bosch ECU. This is a lot easier and more studied ECU than 1.6TDI(Siemens) is.
  12. golfi_vend

    Be golf 7 WVWZZZAUZGW068819 keys replaced “mode” button not working no driver mode settings available.

    To Be Honest I don't really understand what the issue is here. If the keys were replaced using "New Identity" then it can be that FeC-s weren't restored properly.
  13. golfi_vend

    ACC Retrofit problems Passat B7 1.6TDI engine

    I tried searching Passat 1.6tdi with acc long time ago. Not sure if such combination even exists/is supported.
  14. golfi_vend

    ZF8HP prefix software !

    What I see with ZF8 gearboxes is that after ECU flash gearbox starts to behave weirdly. Weird shifts, weird timings etc... Gearbox flash itself is usually fine. It's the ECU that need preDieselgate SW.
  15. golfi_vend

    No ASAM data for retrofit BSD

    Ver.C will never work in pq platform. Install B or downgrade via flash. But flash file isn't publicly available.
  16. golfi_vend

    New User. BGU troubles

    Not pedal ... Actuator. Meaning Throttle Body.
  17. golfi_vend

    Issue with Caddy Steering with fault code 16351

    Last scan. Has issue with SCR, but this I wont address. Used Haldex module. Checked inside. Was good and no sign of water damage. Thursday,24,September,2020,20:15:25:63851 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 10 x64 VCDS Version: (x64) HEX-NET2 CB: 0.4528.4 Data...
  18. golfi_vend

    Passat B8 replacement of the air supply motor 5Q0907511A

    Most likely. Check if it is accesible without. If not...then yes.. Not a big suprise.
  19. golfi_vend

    2013 NMS Passat TDI Highline (Canada) Adaptive Cruise Control Retrofit Help

    No, because cluster must be read while radar is connected and activated.