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    Need to change Micro-Can ??

    Hi I share a scan of the 2018 Octavia India. I believe some modules cannot be accessed with the older Microcan interface. Is there any difference between the enthusiat vs pro except for number of VIN's Best regards Kishor Dagia Thursday,06,September,2018,12:15:57:49609 VCDS -- Windows...
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    Security code 31347 not working

    Hi for my 2014 Jetta (16/AJ) 09 - Central Electronics - VCDS security code 31347 is being rejected. Tried with latest beta. Any work around. Wbr Kishor
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    Jetta (16/AJ) - 77-Telepgone - Want to send controller map/auto scan - security code

    Hi I wish to send the Auto scan and controller maps for 77-Telephone module Jetta Sedan (16/AJ) Controller Map requires security code. Please share. Regards Kishor
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    Hi - Excited to be here

    Hi My Micro can interface just landed up in Pune- India (Order Number 20165484)-- safe and well. Thank you Ross-tech. I have currently a VW 2014 Jetta Highline AT model (16/AJ chassis) from Mexico assembled in India. I look forward to a) listening to my friends out here b) over time helping...