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    Passat b6 instrument cluster

    hi after retrofiting instrument cluster to white from red dosnt work staering weale knobs not all just menu and ok others works
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    problem with diagnostic

    engine starts for 3 second after long time non starting voltage mesuring at batery olso try change batery to other but it was the same
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    problem with diagnostic

    batery voltage over 13 volts
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    problem with diagnostic

    i was changing alternator but after that i was driwing all day,and sudenly car enzine shut down,power on obd is ,autoscan few days works but now even manul al blocks dont respond
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    problem with diagnostic

    hi car passat b6 2007 dont star vcds canot conect to any module it shows no respons from controler.instrument cluster shows multiply erors,autoscan also wont work showsfuncion not suported by cangatvay.few days past all working and wit the same cable,i chec fuses all ok
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    A3 8P problem

    after dsg gearbox replacment apiers fault like codes elektronik parc break and other ,but car has mechanical parkbreak ,i think that gearbox was instaled from not a3 ,question is it posibble to fix this issue with coding or flashing software ?alsou imo fault i had suspicion that milige was...