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    2020 Atlas Cross Sport autoscan - windows rollup and tailgate close via remote

    2020 Atlas Cross Sport SEL Premium Looking to enable the Windows up / down using the remote as well as tail gate close. Currently You can roll the windows up, but not down. Tailgate can be opened via remote from any direction, but cannot be closed unless you are behind the rear doors (from 4 -...
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    2015 Tuareg automatic windows rolled from key fob

    Recently turned on the window open and shut feature for the Emergency key, Key fob, and KESSEY door handle lock. Is there a tweak to tun on automatic rollup? By that I meant when I use one of these, once they start rolling up I can release the key fob and they will continue to roll up. I was...
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    Touareg TDI Exec, RNS-810 Media Player mix mode section not sticking

    2015 Tuareg Exec NAR. RNS 810 installed. Please note I am comparing functionality of these features to my 2010 CC luxury with the RCD-510 Dynaudio system. I understand they are different systems, but I would expect certain features to behave the same, While Playing my iPod Classic through the...
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    2015 Touareg Exec, Memory seats and key fob associations.

    Please note that I am comparing this feature to my 2010 CC luxury. I kind expected these to work the same. In the 2010 CC luxury, you associate a FOB to a specific seat memory position. After that anytime you unlock the door using the FOB the seat will move to that position. In the Tuareg the...
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    2010 VW CC Luxury remote windows rollup rolls down on unlock

    Just bought VCDS/Vag-com . I enables remote windows, rollup, roll down, sunroof closing and rain sensor closing. All work except one tiny problem. When I roll up the windows using the key fob, next time I unlock the car the windows roll down about 5 inches. Ive seen the issue in several threads...
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    2015 VW Touareg Exec, 3.0L TDI,

    Direct from dealer. Factory features in manual that should have been but were were not active (should have been activated at dealer inspection) are "Convenience windows roll up or down from emergency key" and "convenience option windows roll up from KESSY". Channel maps of engine hot @ idle...