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    2006 A6 Q 3.2 BKH Transmission Replacement

    I got this A6 with a bad transmission. The transmission replacement is complete. I understand I need to code the new transmission to the existing controller. Please find scan attached: Wednesday,05,February,2020,21:41:48:28853 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 8 x64...
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    07 Q7 idle and throttle up feels like traction control

    Hello All, Q7 shows EPC and 'fishtail' on dash, feels like traction control at idle. The engine won't die at idle, but idles very roughly around 400rpm.....feels like half the engine is disabled. 10-15% throttle after releasing brake needs 1-2 seconds to clean up and run and runs reasonable...
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    2005 A4 B6 6speed quattro No Dash No Start

    All, Just wrapped up a bent valve / stripped timing belt repair on a 1.8t A4 B6 6speed quattro car. Ran fantastic for about two hours, 40mpg on cruise at 60, good power, etc. Two things happened withing minutes of each other on the same drive. I believe them to be unrelated, but in the...
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    A4 B6 2005 Cranks, Good Fuel Pressure, No Start

    I don't know to look at a bad ignition tumbler, chase a wiring issue or replace a bad ECM. Car is a 2005 A4 1.8t quattro 6 speed manual. Cam timing is off one tooth, the guy I got it from thought it had jumped time and tapped the valves, therefore no start. I think the last time the timing...
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    Security Codes

    I'm having trouble getting any diagnostic work done as I can't get past the security code for different modules. Where do I get the security codes for a '07 Q7 4.2?