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    Removing dtc

    my golf mk6 1.6 tdi,has a uds system. the egr valve failed and was replaced this week. I tried too remove the dtc stored. the notification said you need a professional system too remove codes !!!!. I thought I had a professional system in the hex micro can im using. any ideas please . the 2...
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    Checking the torsion value

    good morning guys. I have a mk6 golf 1.6 tdi. it uses the uds protocol. im trying too check the torsion value on this but I cant seem too find out how ! any ideas please and thanks in advance for looking. Friday,14,June,2019,11:57:04:51759 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on...
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    VCDS not working

    SORRY GUYS, UNINSTALLED AND REINSTALLED , everything is now ok. good morning guys, im having a problem since I updated too18.9.0 today.whatever I try too read on vcds it says no response from controller?. everything was working ok before the update.i have a micro can version says port...
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    G70 fault?

    good afternoon guys , would you please have a look at this log and see what you think , have the dreaded glow plug light come on while driving this morning but no loss of power or limp mode . I switched of and restarted and then did about 20 miles since it didn't come back on again, so ive done...
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    hello guys ,I would welcome your comments please,,, I have a 2010 mk6 golf tdi s, the other half was using it and stopped too fill up , the tank was nearly empty, and you guessed it she filled it with petrol (full up).:banghead:, she then drove it for around half a mile before it stopped.. it...
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    micro can cable

    I'm sorry if this post is in the wrong section/and if its been asked before, when the data cable is plugged in too the ecu ,will it still be drawing power even with the ignition switched off?. so could I leave it plugged in and would it draw power when left in. thank you in advance. billy.
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    battery replacment

    I bought a new battery the other day , i fitted it and went too adapt it with vcds ,when i got too the info page that you change, suprise! no information in any of the drop downs , just blank, so all the time this battery has been fitted its hasn't had any info for the system to work from. so i...
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    mileage/ measurment change

    good morning guys ,does anyone know if its possible too change how the mileage is presented on vcds -ie miles or kms and also the readings from ml too grams?. many thanks in advance.
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    negative dpf readings

    good morning guys, i have a (uk) 2010 golf 1.6 tdi , i have run a full diagnostic and its all clear, the problem i have is with the dpf readings /functioning. the car regens approx every 300 miles, but it regens from 21g soot down too 8g soot and then stops?the figures i have at the moment are...