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    Hi Guys, This might sound very basic. Below is the complete scan report of a POLO GTI. There is a Lambda bank 1 DTC however runs absolutely fine even with the DTC. The DTC once deleted the car runs for almost week to 10-12 days and then the DTC comes back. Again no changes to the driving...
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    Guys, I am getting an "unsupported vehicle Please upgrade the interface" message seen on the engine side. This is for the 2018 polo TSI 1.2 petrol. Since we are your dealers in India (Petes Automotive Products Pvt Ltd) and have sold these here, I enclose 2 of the systems indicating the same...
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    Jetta 2.0 TDI stops without a warning and takes multiple cranks to start

    Guys Can some one advise what is the issue with this car. The car sometime takes time to start in the morning. Sometimes the car shuts down and takes several crank to start again. Can some one help me with what the problem could be. I have enclosed the complete scan of the car. Regards...
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    OCTAVIA MK 1 RS - Air Mass Sensor and Catalytic Converter error

    Guys, I have been getting this error on the Octavia MK 1 RS. This car is running a stage 2 Map with afull system exhaust and a BOV. These mods have been running on this car for years. Off late I have been getting these errors.The mass air flow sensor is a new one. Please could some one help me...
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    Hi there, I need some help on the DSG error that popped out. Also the car does not upshift despite the right RPM and speed. This car has had issues w.r.t a failed wheel speed sensor for which the part has been ordered and is in transit. Please could some one tell me why the gears dont upshift...
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    Guys, Need help in understanding what the issue is here. Every time I put a stage 1 map into this Octavia MK 1 VRS, I get a checklight and on checking its to do with a cooling system error. The same is running well on other MK1 VRS OCty. Has anyone faced this issue. Would appreciate any help in...
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    POLO 1.6 MPI RPM STAYS AT 1000

    Hi, Has anyone faced this problem before. The car idles at 1000 rpm after a prolonged 1200 rpm on cold start. So prolonged that it stays there for 12-13 mins. Usually 4-5 mins. Anyone experienced this before?? Regards, Shibin Friday,15,June,2018,12:37:17:56955 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS...
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    How do I Check for boost values for the Skoda Octavia VRS 2017

    Hi, Please could you help me with Reading the boost values for a Skoda Octavia VRS 2017. Enclosed is the scan report. Regards, Shibin Saturday,06,January,2018,11:14:47:35444 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 10 x64 VCDS Version: (x64) Data version: 20171130...
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    Faulty PCV, Oil leak from inside the DV and loss of boost on a OCTY MK2 1.8 TSI

    Hi Guys, This is a complete scan report for a 1.8 TSI Skoda Octavia MK2. This car had a PCV failure. While I am in the process of changing the PCV, I noticed that there is oil leaking out through the inside of the Diverter Valve. There is more than normal oil in the PCV. Can the faulty PCV...
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    Mac version for VCDS

    Guys, Is there a Mac version for VCDS. Windows is for ever so slow. If there is one please do let me know. I tried to find this but no luck. Thanks!!
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    Gentlemen, I have a peculiar problem with one of the Octy 1.8 TSI MK 2 cars. Here is the problem in a nutshell. Car runs smoothly and all of a sudden, the car mildly shudders and switches off. When you try and crank it again, the car shows signs of firing up but then disappoints. This goes on...
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    000054 - Oxygen (Lambda) Sensor B1 S2: Heating Circuit

    Guys, It may seem to be a stupid question but still going ahead asking it. The below scanned report is that of a MK 2 Octavia VRS 1.8 TSI. Is this a bank 1 (Up stream O2 sensor soon after the turbo but before the CAT CON) that has failed. The dealer wanted me to be sure that we are talking...
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    008213 - Intake Manifold Flap Position Sensor (Bank 1)

    Hi there, I see this error pop up a few 100 kms ago. This is the Octavia VRS 1.8 tsi MK2. The car seems to run fine however I got this error. Please could some one help. Does the intake manifold need to be changed or should the Up stream (assuming Bank1 is the upstream) O2 sensor need to be...
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    RS Q3 2016 front bumper kit requirement

    Hey Guys, Wanted some help on procuring an RSQ3 2016 FRONT BUMPER KIT. Can any of you kindly help me in this regard. Regards, Shibin
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    Skoda VRS MK1 - starts and does not exceed 1500 rpm and then struggles to and stops

    Hi Need some help on this one. Firstly I enclose the scan report. The car does not accelerate beyond 1500 RPM and switches off after struggling to accelerate. However once the battery is disconnected and then reconnected, the car drives fine for 5-8 kms and then we are back to the same issue...