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    2016 Audi S6 Video in motion

    Hey Guys, This car is equipped with the new 4G MMI and just wanted to see if anyone has done this yet as far as the coding goes or could direct me in the proper direction for this item? I have a customers car in my shop that I need to get completed today. Help or point to correct thread would...
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    Freezing during autoscan on B8 S4's when faults in AWD module

    I've had an issue with VCDS 12.12.2 freezing during an autoscan (CAN Auto Detect) on B8 S4's only when there are fault codes in the AWD module. When flashing these with aftermarket ECU software you get ECU communication faults in many modules due to the ECU resetting during the flashing process...
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    2014 Audi S4 EPB delete / Engine module long coding

    I'm trying to ditch the electronic parking brake from a 2014 Audi S4. Unplugging the module, fixing the gateway installation list, and recoding the cluster fixed all of the lights and warnings. The last thing that I've got an issue with is cruise control not working (light on dash doesn't turn...