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    Skoda Fabia Mk3 Front PDC retrofit

    Oh dear :( Does it mean I will require ODIS or VCP? I assume if I get a 8K Module from the same vehicle it may work?
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    Skoda Fabia Mk3 Front PDC retrofit

    Hi Guys, I recently retrofitted front PDC to my 2015 Skoda Fabia Mk3 that already had rear PDC (3 x sensors) installed from factory. Everything has been wired and sensors installed to the front bumper. However my new pdc module with is a 8K module is failing to work with the rear PDC sensors...
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    Audi A4 B9 10 Park Assist option missing

    Hi Guys, I am in a bit of dilemma :( a fella came to me in his Audi A4 B9 chassis to get his Front Park assist enabled after a retrofit. The owner has rear parking assist installed from factory. So thought no worried will go into address 10-Park Assist and checkout the options available. On...
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    Skoda Fabia - Fault codes

    Hi Guys, My friend repaired a damaged Fabia VRs that had a frontal crash however after clearing all the fault codes are only left with 2 errors which we are trying to sort out. The first one as shown below. The power steering pump was replaced however getting this error Power steering sensor...
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    2015 Skoda Fabia Address 5F External Media Error

    Hi Guys, I own a 2015 Skoda Fabia Mk3 and keep getting the External Media Error intermittently and specially when I connect my Android phone via USB to Mirror Link. The mirror link does not always connect properly. It will either Hang up and become unresponsive. Car is still under warranty but...
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    Euro VW Golf Mk7.5 Headlight Retrofit to Golf Mk7

    Hi Guys, I need some guidance as per the title. I have been contacted recently with the retrofit and person has reported that he is getting dashboard errors, side markers not working and high beam not working. I know first port of call is to provide a auto scan of the vehicle concerned but I...
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    Skoda Fabia 6Y - Error codes

    Hi Guys, Picked up a 2006 Skoda Fabia Classic 1.2 16v this morning for the misses. It is in good condition with 58K miles on the clock. Got it home and gave it a good scan on the ole VCDS Mostly looks good however got couple of errors one in ABS block which I don't seem to understand? I...
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    Front OPS retrofit to Skoda Octavia Mk2 Problems with RNS 315 Nav Unit

    Hi Guys, I recently installed front OPS to my Skoda Octavia Mk2 2012 and having strange behaviour with my RNS 315? :banghead: Basically when I put the car into reverse the RVC comes on along with sensor guidelines and Once I switch to D the display on RNS changes to normal. One night I noticed...
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    2017 Audi Q3 Facelift Rear Tailights as DRLS and Dynamic Turn signals

    Hi Guys, I am trying am not able to figure out how to turn on the following 2 things 1. Rear tailighsts as DRLS along with front DRLS. 2. Dynamic Turn Signals From what I have read online, DTS may require a seperate module however am not sure? Is it possible to code it via VCDS? Lastly many...
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    VW Golf Mk 6 Door, Rear Right -- Status: Cannot be reached 1100

    Hi Guys, I am having a bit of a issue with the right rear door module. Basically I was changing the DPF Differential sensor and I disconnected the battery (-ive) to carry out the job. So once I reconnected the sensor and the connector to the Differential Sensor I finally reconnected the (-ive)...
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    Retrofitted RLS and Autolights

    Hi Guys, I recently completed a personal project of retrofitting RLS to my 2012 SKODA FL Octavia VRS and it works brilliantly. So recently added a autolight switch and am not sure it is working to the best of its ability. What I mean by this is that it seems confusing as to when it switches...
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    Coding Audi A4 2009 B8 OEM Rear LEDs

    Hi Guys, I need a bit of advice on coding the inner LED lamps on a B8 A4 that has been retrofitted with OEM LEDs. The car belongs to a pal and he installed the inner lamps with the adaptor provided. However it will require coding to work properly. I believe the recoding are done via 46...
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    Retrofitting RNS 315 to 2009 VW EOS

    Hi Guys, Ran into a bit of trouble lastnight trying to enable Bluetooth in RNS 315 retrofitted to Vw EOS. The headunit part number in question is 3C8 035 279 Q I will post the auto scan in evening when i get home, however after properly coding the head unit i.e. going into 19-Can Gateway...
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    2012 Skoda Octavia VRS Rear DRLs

    Hi Guys, I am looking some help in activating the rear tail light to work along with the front LED DRLS I have. I attempted this yesterday by changing the masking Hex code from 00 to a different value and it messed up my lighting configuration on the car. Luckly I was able to suss out the...