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    AUDI Q3RS 8U 2014 to MK6 golf R swap

    In Europe, from 2010 most of Tiguans are DSG 7spd (DQ500) but not for some markets, like Australia where the Gearbox is the Torque converter 09M from Aisin (AQ450). Mine 2009 is also AQ450. So probably Q3RS is the best option.
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    AUDI Q3RS 8U 2014 to MK6 golf R swap

    Not all Q3RS are MQB. The 1st gen shares many electronics with the Tiguan, like kessy, steering assist, abs/epb, steering module. In my 1st gen tiguan i have lane assist with dataset from q3rs and same applies to steering characteristics.
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    Help coding MK60EC1 in scirocco Very good source of information, using translator. It also includes LBL file but in Russian.
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    Trailer charging relay J941 on 1K0 trailer module doesn't click

    When I installed trailer in the Tiguan, the 2009 model didn't had the extra pin to support "fridge". Models with that pin appear around 2011. I see that Relay is controlled by trailer unit and looking for that "E" reference, I see that module is from 2008. For reference I put my module here...
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    Help needed - 2011 Tiguan CJAA swap ABS Coding

    The problem is the VIN, check that makes error appear. That coding might be for 5N 1 Fault Found: 03190 - Incorrect Vehicle Type 000 - - Freeze Frame: Fault Status: 01100000 Fault Priority: 6 Fault Frequency: 2...
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    VW CC 2016 steering cluster module

    Have you seen the error in Scan? 1 Fault Found: 03375 - Steering Motor 003 - Mechanical Failure - MIL ON Freeze Frame: Fault Status: 11100011 Fault Priority: 1 Fault Frequency: 1 Reset...
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    Resolved MK6 Golf 2012 - wrong mirrors direction and missing X/Y position.

    Thanks, now I know have the confirmation that you were talking about this
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    Resolved MK6 Golf 2012 - wrong mirrors direction and missing X/Y position.

    Per curiosity, these values refer to what position in EEPROM?
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    Error in RVC prevents calibration

    The RVC High has a function to help you parking the car in parallel. It is necessary to have rear wheel sensors like the ones used in PLA system. Also your ABS does not support those type of sensors, so please update your ABS next Saturday and don't forget the wheel sensors.
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    MK60 EC1 coding error

    HW46 not having G251?!? Apparently people at Ross-Tech are wasting time creating this tyoe of informations for ABS that don't have G251, even putting notes! Longitudinal Acceleration Sensor (G251) Note: The Longitudinal Acceleration Sensor (G251) is only present cars with All Wheel Drive...
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    MK60 EC1 coding error
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    SA Code Needed (Module 05) 2022 Passat NAR

    in first line of ADPMAP ;SW:5K0-959-434-F HW:5K0-959-434 --- Acc/Start Auth. --- SA: 32840 SA is security access
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    Retrofit "Easy Open"/"Virtual Pedal"/"Kick Sensor" to 2013 Sharan 7N0

    you probably solved it by now but this is not usable in PQ: (3AA 962 243 H)