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    General Corona Virus Discussion

    @Uwe: With your permission for an Antipodean to thieve a phase from one of your countrymen - I defend to the death your right to hold your beliefs and the rights others that share your beliefs. I know that we have different views, but really - with the greatest respect for someone with the...
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    General Corona Virus Discussion

    Sebastian: Great link - thanks for posting Love the opening sentence: Toxic freedom A life without freedom is an unfulfilled life. But the pandemic in particular shows that misunderstood freedom is poison. My take-away extract: "Perhaps one day we will look back on anti-vaccination with as...
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    GOP-funded Maricopa county recount affirms Trump loss

    hmm.........With the deepest respect for both your views - I'm reminded of the principle of "superposition". Maybe the stumbling-block here is exactly the same as the "measurement problem" in quantum mechanics? Maybe the REAL TRUTH about your 2020 election results is that the Trump fraud...
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    GOP-funded Maricopa county recount affirms Trump loss

    @Fred's Imports: Yes, fair-comment - but I don't believe that I used the word "detestable" to refer to your governments (either past, or present)!! If you read my post again, I believe that the term "detestable" was used (tongue in cheek) as a plea for the reader's forgiveness for my using...
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    Audi A4 B8 2010 / 01537 - Vehicle Level Sensor; Supply Voltage 007 - Short to Ground

    @matbcvo: Hi again: you might want to read THIS Don
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    GOP-funded Maricopa county recount affirms Trump loss

    @dieseldub: Hi. Interesting post - thanks Hmm...... I'm certainly not a Trump fan - but I wonder if ANY amount of recounts, or ANY other "reputable" evidence about your country's 2020 elections is actually useful in this post-election period. You are closer to the public mood up-there than...
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    Audi A4 B8 2010 / 01537 - Vehicle Level Sensor; Supply Voltage 007 - Short to Ground

    @matbcvo: Hi add to @Uwe's suggestion, and with the caveat that i don't have a specific WD for your particular car, there's clearly an unhappy hex55 module in your auto-scan that's complaining about a dubious voltage supply on the level sender. I'm not sure how familiar your are with...
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    Polo 6R DRL Settings

    @nverrier: Hi. I did own a Polo 6R at one time and I recorded a number of tweaks on the car during that period - one of which I described as "Scandinavian DRLs". Now, this is a term that I'm more familiar with on MQB platform cars (rather than your 6R), but the tweak turns-on lots of other...
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    Cruise Control not working, "005784 - Please Check DTC Memory of Steering Wheel Electronics", No code in steering wheel

    @Npab21: I'm guessing of course - but @Uwe advice above sounds abundantly reasonable to me!!! It's difficult to predict how a defective EEPROM in the hex10 module will effect other modules like the ECU, or CC function - but there can be little doubt that the module needs changing. Have you...
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    Fault code help

    @fisphone: Hi. Interesting that your SRI log shows ESI: Oil Quality = good oil quality . This channel is the software switch that selects either FIXed, or Extended service interval. The value for FIXed interval service=poor oil quality (the choice of word "poor" is unfortunate - it doesn't...
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    @JimJim:Hi and my apology if you read my response as being a tad rude (not my intention) Again- no offense intended and I most certainly acknowledge the difficulties of non-English speaking members posting on this forum - I would dread writing a post on a Dutch forum!! In answer to your...
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    Skoda Superb 2020 towbar coding

    @Matic: Hi . Maybe read the dialogue relating to 3Q0 chassis car HERE Don
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    @JimJim: Hi. What an absolutely fascinating (and utterly unique) post - I'm impressed, albeit a tad perplexed! Without intending any offense to the economy of information above - maybe a few more words of explanation might aid the forum to better understand the context for your question (or are...
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    Help with P0641 & P0651 - Open Circuit

    @gregorious77 : Wow- triple (quadruple?) line spacing in an auto-scan dump - scary !!! According to my information for CXXB engine, Q10 is supplied by the Automatic-glow-period-control-unit (J179). Agree with @Uwe about the 2 x 5 Volt reference sources, but the auto-scan does classify these...
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    '17 plate Tiguan. Steering wheel control module U0212

    hmm......... second try (don't ask!!) @invernesspl : Hi. Interesting DTC-set!! On the auto-scan for a late model Tiggy with a 3Q0 chassis, a correctly functioning CAN Gateway module should be reported like this (from here): Address 19: CAN Gateway (J533) Labels:| 3Q0-907-530-V1.clb...