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    Enable Easy Entry A8 D4 - 2015

    The seat part in other models is the minimum easy entry will affect and the steering wheel is usually an optional part of that since an electrically adjustable steering column is obviously required and that is usually optional. If on the A8 it is (and is only supposed to be) the steering wheel...
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    2016 Audi A8L swivelling factory towbar

    Seems like you got it right! Any faults i see in your scan are not related to the towbar.
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    VCDS Virgin with a headscratcher for the suspension gurus...

    Well, since there is more than one suspension component complaining about open or short to ground, i would suggest starting to look at the section of wiring where these components share the same ground.
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    Skoda Yeti headlamp upgrade; bulb out error

    Are you sure the OEM housings can resist the increased heat?
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    2019 Golf R Mk7.5 Digital Cockpit units adjustment?

    The speedometer scale in km’s is 10-30-50 etc and above 100 it goes in bigger steps. Thats notmal and ive never seen it in 0-20-40 increments. Makes sense since speed limits in kilometer usually are 15-30-50-70-80-100 (at least in europe).
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    Discover Pro - Heated seats display on screen

    Do you mind if i grab it too, throw it into a hex editor and see what options are actually listed in the dataset (if indeed i can make readable language out of it)?
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    0267 - Sensor for Automatic Distance Regulation; Incorrectly Positioned

    Cool, very wrong i was then stating that radar sensors behind emblems have no adjustment screws. Mea culpa. You cannot align it if you dont have the proper set-up to run the procedure. However, it was meant as an extra reason to make 100% sure there is nothing out of place on your car before...
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    47 Sound System

    Same on MQB cars. I have another tool that shows some more modules…
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    0267 - Sensor for Automatic Distance Regulation; Incorrectly Positioned

    Radar sensors that are mounted behind the emblem do not have adjustment screws. However, if you removed any plastic bits around that area in the past, for example the radiator grille, or the headlight/headlight frame, make sure all plastic parts are back in their original position and fully...
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    clarification on scan meanings

    Arent those codes similar to the onces that a radar sensor or front camera on a MQB car stored when the visibility is impaired, for example during heavy rain/snow, or driving through a tunnel with too many reflecting radar signals? In those cases you also get a notice in the dash (but the system...
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    Is it possible to permanently disable front assist

    If it were my kid getting his first car, i would definitely try to get a car with a system like that. It works like a charm in general. I've had a few false positives inside a parking garage going slow (5mph), where the car tapped the brakes. I have NEVER had it brake for no reason driving...
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    Passat B8 2016 Gearbox Malfunktion

    All codes point towards something wrong with the gear selector handle, not so much the gearbox itself.
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    Audi Connect Care On Pre-Owned Vehicle

    You might want to look in telematics for that, in my mqb car thats module 75.
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    Audi Q5 (80A) Audi Music Interface Carplay Retrofit

    Sorry for not being clear; i meant you can order the activation through the dealer for most models. Not the hardware retrofit. Although it could also be that activation is not possible if the car did not come woth the required hardware.
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    Audi Q5 (80A) Audi Music Interface Carplay Retrofit

    If others have succeeded in that, provided they have the same car and youre sure they did not retrofit the USB port, then it could work. However, the FEC code still remains and without it, it will not work. However, you can order carplay activation on most recent VAG cars through the dealer...