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    Retrofit : Tiguan electronic driver seat with memory

    Sweeet! My Tiggy came with driver and passenger memory electric seats from the factory, absolute stock coding and admaps in OP:
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    Retrofit memory seats Passat B8

    I havent figured out a way to do that, but if possible i would be interested too since rear passengers often forget to turn off the seat heating...
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    Audi A4 2011 2.0 Switch off engine oil pressure too low!

    Seems like the part that the fault code refers to...
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    Skoda Kodiak, Dipping mirrors when reversing??

    For example, this is the first result i get on google when searching for skoda kodiaq light assist package...
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    Skoda Kodiak, Dipping mirrors when reversing??

    Any option package with ‘light’ in the title may very well be a bunch of other optional lighting features like cornering lights, LED taillights etc, and doesnt always mean actual dynamic light assist, which is a pretty expensive option.
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    Adding lock/unlock via remote app

    I think OP is asking for how to enable lock/unlock functionality through the connected car app, and not with his car key, and these look like adaptation changes to control windows through the buttons on the key. OP, please post an adaptation channel map of module 75. And important: if...
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    VW MK7 Door ambient light Retrofit

    If theyre being powered by the pin on the door control module thats intended for the door warning light or the entry light strip on the bottom of the door opening, then yeah they only turn on when you open the door. If thats not what you want, then connect them to the proper output on the door...
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    Pick-a-ROD possible on control units that already have valid data?

    Heya, Is it possible to trick VCDS into giving me this prompt when accessing (for example) my engine ECU? I’m looking for differences between the coding of two cars with the same (or nearly the same) ECU, yet i don’t get an ‘experimental coding’ prompt when accessing the long coding helper...
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    A9 Structure borne sound retrofit: wrong vehicle type

    Retrofitted this today, the module is from an Arteon with the same CUAA engine. The Tiguan never featured a sound actuator. Any ideas how to resolve this? - Added A9 to gateway installation list - Changed one coding bit to on in gateway coding (FP_ something _ SAK) which i assume is the...
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    Seat memory passenger basic setting lost, unable to relearn.

    Long story short, passenger seat stopped responding to memory buttons, scanned the car, found seat height adjustment to have lost basic settings. Tried the following things: - Relearn end stops by moving seat up, then pushing again after it stops to relearn the end stop, held button for >5...
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    2018 Skoda Superb III/NP 1.4 TSI CZEA

    Enjoy! Autoscan: Monday,02,July,2018,18:29:28:41109 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 10 x64 VCDS Version: (x64) HEX-NET CB: 0.4422.4 Data version: 20180518 DS287.1 Workshop Code: 011 01357 000001 VIN: TMBJB9NP2J7514191 License Plate...
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    Polo 6C: Normal or sport springs on sport select shocks?

    Hey guys, My brother has a polo 6C (details here) with sport select chassis and R-line bumpers. Long story short; the car is too low to be practical, and the added lenght of the front R-line bumper makes things worse. This polo was offered from the factory with 3 chassis options: - Normal...
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    [EPB3] P01315 'No com. with TCU' fault in manual car.

    Hey guys, I have a Passat 3C/B6 from a friend here with a bit of a backstory. The guy retrofitted a lot of stuff from a B7 to the car. Everything used to work fine until he had someone flash the ECU for an EGR delete, and of course that guy f-ed up. It kept giving immobilizer issues. After...
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    Request: Pictures of Tiguan AD1 headlamp washer fluid line routing.

    Topic title says it all. Ill throw in €50 (or whatever my bank makes of it converting to your local currency) for some detailed pics of the routing and mounting of those lines. Factory repair manual and ETKA dont get specific enough, and I like to retrofit undistinguisheable from factory-fitted...
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    2018 Audi A6 Avant 1.8 CYGA

    Loaner from the dealer. Only 270km on it. Pretty sure it is one of the cheapest versions though the interior is still very nice. :) Autoscan: Monday,04,June,2018,18:06:53:41109 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 10 x64 VCDS Version: (x64) HEX-NET CB: 0.4422.4...