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    Tweaking (Steering Wheel, Acl. Pedal and DSG7 Gear)

    Hi, I am trying to figure out the best configuration on my Octavia for the steering wheel, the Acceleration Pedal and DSG7 gear. 1) I found out that I can change the throttle will provide as a result more "aggressive" and responsive acceleration Pedal. I doubt if it is possible to make it even...
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    How to calculate my HP ? (or how to log RPM and FTLB)

    Hi, I would like to know how to calculate my HP I know it is PRM*LBFT/5252 What the correct checkbox on the Log for both FTLB and RPM log ? Thanks
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    Octavia II - Secure Access

    Hi, What is this section on the VCDS ? Why it is blocked ? What it needed and how I can gain an access to this section. I know that maybe I don't need access to that place but let me decide :) Thanks
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    Octavia II - DRL Activation

    Hi again guys and girls I am the lucky owner of Skoda Octavia (II) FL which come with DRL lights. :) (Fog lights and DRL lights are separated !) So..... I would like to active the DRL lights to work like a DRL and not as a "shadow" lights of High Beam (currently this is a situation) I found...
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    Skoda Octavia 2011 - How to disable bulbs test

    Hi, I am wondering if it is possible to disable the test of the lights which as result showing the "burned bulb" led on the dashboard. I found out that probably it is possible with some access to restricted area of the module 9 but I don't have idea where to start. Where to get the codes or...
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    Skoda Octavia 2011 - Light automatic turn off issue

    Hi, After a long way and change of the 9 module, recoding 18's byte and some additional configuration I am able to use all the relevant light on my car. Unfortunately, after this changes my light's wont turn off automatic (I dont have a light sensor) Previously, when the Light was turned on...
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    Help Identify an error code (Engine Fault)

    Hi, Since few weeks ago I am getting a message about 001089 — EVAP Emission Control Sys and 001674 — ECM Power Relay Load Circuit: (J271) Since today I even got a yellow led on my dashboard. The led is "Control system for exhaust" I afraid that all of this are related to the LED. if not...
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    Monitor "blinking" and "jumping" when reversing - (not a coding question)

    Monitor "blinking" and "jumping" when reversing - (not a coding question) Hi guys, I encountered a problem with my Multimedia system, When reversing the picture "jumping" and "blinking" I am aware that I should install some "relay" but I dont know which relay and which cables to connect...
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    Day Running light - Skoda Octavia 2011

    Hi guys, I am looking for option to turn the lights (the second bulb on the fog light) To run as a day light. I have a autoswitch with sensor (aftermarket) Some one can help me with that ? Full scan attached Wednesday,21,May,2014,19:41:40:40508 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator VCDS...
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    Welcome home - Fog light - Octavia 2011

    Hello guys. I tried a lot of coding but never success to do it on the best side. I am looking how to configure welcome home / Leaving home on my Octavia. A5FL. Somehow I success to configure the parking light to be on for few second after I am locking the car but that's all. Can some one...
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    Retrofit Xenon - benefits (+ and - )

    Hi, My question related to "what I can get" if I will retrofit my lights. I know that the original light's are better. but my question is why should I retrofit something if for example the cheap xenon block from ebay make the same work ? What the retrofit give me when I am installing the...
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    Lights issues after changing BCM (1k0 937 087 J)

    Hello Guys, I need your urgent assistence please!! I changed the "BCM" since the original fail on my front left turn signal (It was turned ON permanently even if the car was Off) Both, the original and the new one are the same number (087J) After I changed the unit, I just copy and then paste...