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    Coming / leaving home

    Looking at the auto scan it seems he doesn’t have a RLS so it might be impossible with the current spec.
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    Coding HVAC using REST button as OFF instead

    No, this is not feasible, sorry. You can only switch the HVAC for the one with an off button.
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    Security access code required for recoding power folding mirrors

    The modules are capable of folding via keyfob, but it is not activated in the EEPROM. As @langers2k said, you will need a tool which can access the EEPROM to perform this tweak. I have a guide in my German Motor-Talk blog, if you are willing to use google translate.
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    Tiguan 2 ESP OFF switch possible?

    You are right. The infamous ESC off setting pushes the thresholds even further, but still does not completely disable it.
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    VW GOLF GT TDI 2010 - tweaks ?

    I think am Auto-Scan would help here, so we can see what is currently installed in the car.
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    C7.5 A6 MMI - Enabling Green Menu

    You need to do this in Engineering Session (4F). Currently there is no label, so there is no S12345 login (which does change the session) available. Basically the label provides this login. You’ll need to do the change the session yourself (E-Mail RT for a "how to") or wait for a label to be...
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    Golf MK5 GTI mirror dipping in reverse

    Correct, the passenger side module is not able to dip the mirror.
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    Can the ESP-disable button be made to light up orange?

    Hmm, never noticed this behavior. I am pretty sure the button is illuminated in my O3. Is there any way you could provide an adpmap of the module 03?
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    Golf mk6 remote control

    As far as I know, this can’t be done without modification of the BCMs hardware.
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    Configure RAW UDS Adaptions

    0A28 is basically the location or offset where this adaption is found. Isn‘t it possible to get the raw data as posted above, then remove all entries, that are irrelevant and restore them using the function in VCDS?
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    Audi A6 4G FL 2016 adjust frame speed and ACC light intensity (leds from 0 to 250 km / h)

    Do you happen to have an Auto-Scan prior to changing the cluster?
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    Tach and speedo backlighting

    You should be able to get your desired behaviour by modifying the dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment adaption channels.
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    MY2019 Skoda Octavia - Traffic Sign Recognition - Error

    The aforementioned adaption channel should allow customisation of TSR while the vehicle is moving.
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    Gen4 Auto mirror folding

    If you are willing to use some online translator you can always use the guide here:
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    VW Golf 8 infotainment language change possible?

    The telephone numbers for road side assistance have moved to the telematics system (module 75).