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    2012 Passat TDI no start

    Try to start it with gas Yourself and keep it running on gas for some 30-40 sec. (Second person required, who will spry gas into intake by intermittent short sprays). Read DTC's after this experiment and post here. 5V supply is ok, third wire should have pulses when sensor is connected and...
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    AUDI A5 p0475 and p047f code.

    Hi and welcome! Were the fault codes before replacing parts exactly the same? Have You checked power, ground, control and feedback wires to exhaust pressure valve according WD?
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    [Audi Q5 - 2013] -

    Hi and welcome! 1) Post a complete autoscan; 2) Post an admap from 0x17; 3) My guess is this fault is caused by oil service and/or inspection service reset with some universal OBD scan tool. Seeing of Your cluster's admap could shed some light in this.
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    2012 Passat TDI no start

    What happens if You try to spray some start gas in the intake system? (It's preferred to remove air pipe coming from IC and spray directly into intake manifold. Be careful, ask for help some experienced mechanic, if You have no experience of using start gas)
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    Faulty door lock or door module ??

    Address 42: Door Elect, Driver (J386) Labels:. 4F0-959-793.clb Part No SW: 4F0 959 793 R HW: 8K0 959 793 D Component: TSG FA H11 0250 Revision: Serial number: 0000100723307 Coding: 011F06204041410001 Shop #: WSC 02391 823 56573 VCID...
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    MK5 GTI Signals and Cruise not working

    You understood everything correctly ;) End stops and SAS in most cases may adapt automatically - You just need to start engine and turn wheel from end to end with holding it at both ends for some 5-10 sec plus drive a bit straight and a bit curvy. If yellow steering lamp does not go off, try...
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    Cooling fan

    This is strange. A6 C6 cooling fan control units use to fail, but failed ones use not to work at all or switch fan on and it continues to run until battery dies or until owner disconnects it... And no other fault codes in ECU? Only 18502/P2070? Any recent repairs to engine or vehicles front...
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    2009 Jetta TDI Sportwagon Turbo Actuator issue

    Oooops... Then You used "Clear all codes" button from autoscan window before? And likely without unchecking "use CAN command". This sometimes use to skip some controllers and does not even try to clear all codes... First of all check with Mitvac or equivalent tool does the actuator holds...
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    Audi A2 Electric Window Fault

    I disagree - CAN from CCM to all four door controllers is alive - all of them show up in autoscan. OP can check it in 0x46 MVB 017 Also I'd suggest to check MVB 016 - do the CCM receive 30, 15, S and CAN from car correctly. And MVB's 011, 012, 014, 015 - do the CCM "see" all window lifter...
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    Cooling fan

    Hello and welcome! 4F is A6C6, not A5. Are You talking about engine radiator cooling fan? Does it switches on each time You open the door? And switches off when You close the door?
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    Audi A2 Electric Window Fault

    Address 46: Central Conv. Labels:. 8Z0-959-433.lbl Part No: 8Z0 959 433 AE Component: Komfortgerát T39 1210 Coding: 06859 Shop #: WSC 02138 VCID: 0944F6AE2026E61305D-4B1E This one is 0x46 - CCM Subsystem 1 - Part No: 8Z2959802A Component: Tõrsteuer.FS BRM 0004...
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    Audi A2 Electric Window Fault

    I'd say replacing of CCM will not help. Do window lifters are not working from drivers door switch block or from individual door switches, too? Get the WD, check all power supplies to door control modules first.
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    Something is wrong here... Can You post a photo of connector where You unplug EGR? Does ECU has some modified/tuned SW?
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    2009 Jetta TDI Sportwagon Turbo Actuator issue

    Have You tested relay coil and voltage supply to it? (Should be fuse SB15). Do You have only one FP relay or two the same shape one next to another? If only one, are You sure You put it back in correct socket?