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    RHD Seat Ibiza 6J xenon headlights - to LHD TRAVEL MODE

    Not trying to hijack the thread, but @Uwe does this coding enable the option to active the switch-over in the infotainment system? Asking because I may be taking my 2019 NAR GTI to the Caribbean, so I would need this option displayed in my MIB2 as well. Thank you!
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    2020 GLI tweaks help

    By chance do you know the coding to remove the front and rear NAR side markers on the lights and enable Scandanavian DRLs?
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    Attention: The Engine is running

    Bumping topic with the hopes of someone finally being able to crack this mystery! :popcorn:
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    How to remove message "Look! Safe to move?" when reversing

    Sorry, that was my mistake. I did not realize you were asking for coding on an RNS 510. :rolleyes:
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    How to remove message "Look! Safe to move?" when reversing

    Going through my running list of Volkswagen MQB (Golf MK7.5) tweaks, I found a procedure that supposedly removes the "Look! Safe to move?" bar on the screen. Personally, I have not tried this (yet) and don't know if it will work. Give it a try and let us know. Hide Optical Parking System...
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    2015 Golf R – ' 1543 - Control Module Incorrectly Coded '

    Hey Don, The unit does not have built-in navigation, but it does have voice control. I'll get a complete auto-scan completed and posted here in the next 24-hours. Thanks!
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    2015 Golf R – ' 1543 - Control Module Incorrectly Coded '

    I too have this 1543 - Control Modle Incorrectly Coded error. I've had it as long as I could remember and never have got around to looking into what is wrong. Safe to assume that I can try the posted fix in post #7? Unrelated issue (I think). There is a driver profile stuck shown in the...
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    2019 GTI (NAR) Drivers Door Won't open/close; odd VCDS fault codes

    Out of nowhere while driving I noticed that the alarm light (small red LED) in the door was flashing, the right side front and rear windows were not operating (via the driver's window controls) and the lock/unlock button was not operating. I ran a scan and pulled the following codes. Cleared...
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    MK7.5 NAR GTI - Enable static LED AFS lights when high-beams enabled?

    ;SW:3Q0-907-338-C HW:3Q0-907-338-C --- Multifunc. Module ;Component:FCM MQB Low 002 0342 Coding:000000050900214A01113F00CA0000000000000000000000000000000000 ;EV_MultiModulContiVW48X 2004 EV_MultiModulContiVW48X_002_VW37.rod ;Thursday 22 July...
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    2019 GTI - NEED HELP with starting vibration reduction , torque limitation on launch and esc off

    Any updates to this? Did you ever figure this out?
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    MK7.5 NAR GTI - Enable static LED AFS lights when high-beams enabled?

    I often drive on very dark country roads at night and could use some additional side lighting. We have large deer and bears - something I don't want to hit going 85 mph/136 km/h. I've already coded my LED AFS NAR-spec headlights to enable foglamps on - with high beams (no issues. we don't have...
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    Sticky MQB Light Configuration Case Study

    @DV52 Don, Have you uncovered if the MK7.5 Golf vehicles equipped with NAR front LED dipped beams allow you to make the DRL and front turn signal LEDs "wink"? I remember you saying a while back that the newer headlights no longer had their own Leuchte channel, so I hopped that with this new...
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    2019 NAR GTI Rabbit MIB2.5 Retrofit Completed. Have some 5F leftover errors.

    Merry Christmas everyone. All is perfect with the MIB2.5 setup with the 8" glass screen - including CP removal. Because my MIB2.5 unit came out of a 2019 Atlas SEL R-Line it still has some leftover programming I can't seem to un-code. See some VCDS errors below and someone let me know...
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    Wanted: Auto Scan - 2019 NAR GTI SE w/no Fender Audio

    If anyone has a 2019 NAR GTI SE w/no Fender Audio auto scan or 5F coding please share. I just successfully retrofitted a MIB2 unit with the 8" glass screen and HELIX audio into my 2019 GTI Rabbit and need the factory coding as a baseline. Thank you! :)
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    Enable ACC via VCDS on 2019 MK7.5 GTI with factory Front Assist w/Pedestrian Detect?

    Does anyone know if it would be possible to hack the NAR MK7.5 GTI via VCDS allowing us to enable ACC? The sensor is there on the lower level trim models (S, Rabbit & SE) behind the VW emblem so I don't see why we couldn't. Discuss!