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    reinstall VCDS-Lite

    looking to reinstall vcds, hdd died on my laptop. do I need another activation code?
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    Was gettng fault code: 00516 closed throttle (idle) position switch f60 2700 implausible signal Ive removed the throttle body on a 1.4 16v ahw, cleaned it and refitted. Used a pole to hold accelerator down, pulled the cable back just to the point were throttle body butterfly was open. Heres...
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    passat abs pump replacment

    I have 2001 Passat tdi sport, I had to replace the abs pump... Now I cant bleed the brakes.. I bought the registered version of vcds lite with the hope it will help. Am not sure if the pump in comuicating with the ecu. edit: if I run a output test, nothing happens, dash beeps, that's it I...