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    2015 MK7 GTI MIB1 --> MIB2 Retrofit w/out hacked 5F

    My son and I installed a new MIBII brain unit (3Q0035876A) into his 2015 GTI S that came originally with MIBI (5G0035844) head unit and base audio. I also upgraded the screen to the 8" glass screen. When I first plugged the units in, there was component protection on the 5F which I had removed...
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    Golf R rear pad replacment

    Looking for step by step procedure or how to for retracting the rear caliper motors to allow replacement of the brake pads. Car is a 16 Golf R and would also help when the wife needs rears done on her CC. Thanks in advance Ron P.
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    New PC

    I read PC requirements but was interested in the thoughts of how VCDS would perform on this system. This is on sale for $200.00 and will also be a multi purpose personal garage tool. Thanks Ron P. TREKSTOR PRIMEBOOK C11B 2 in 1 PC Tech specs Screen size 11.6 in Full HD LCD touchscreen...
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    P Codes

    Sorry if this seems like a stupid Question but I am just learning how to use this software. How do I display "P Codes" when using Self-Diagnostics or OBDII? Ron P
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    Port test

    Hello all Im a new user of the Hex-Net and have a question. How do I switch from USB to Net successfully? Have gone into options, clicking on net, performing a port test and it reads Port test ok, Interface not found! broadcast used with ip address and gateway address. Will restoring defaults...