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    We need more information. Please post the complete Auto-Scan. If you are using VCDS-Lite the button will be labeled [Copy Results] rather than [Copy] in that video.
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    Battery drain; subsequent steering assist red-wheel-of-death '07 Passat 3.6l 4motion

    P.S. I just noticed your measuring block data. I know you checked fuse connections however checking the wiring to the rack itself couldn't hurt to rule out voltage drops due to a hungry mouse (or similar).
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    Battery drain; subsequent steering assist red-wheel-of-death '07 Passat 3.6l 4motion

    I agree. This: 02614 - Steering Box 014 - Defective .. looks like straight forward faulty rack however is was exposed to very low voltage (Voltage: 4.90 V!!). If you haven't disconnected it entirely for a proper reboot I would try...
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    Audi A3 8P ABS MK60EC1, Lost coding..

    I agree and with that X'd out (Serial number: XXXXXXXXXXXXXX) serial we should look at the Adv ID - 1A logs from 01, 17 and 25. If 01-Engine has an Immo defeat or different VIN than 17/25 we're gonna have a bad time. Using the [Save] button from the Advanced ID Screen when connected to each...
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    Audi A3 Abs Coding 2011 MK60EC1

    I'm pretty sure this car was factory equipped with 1K0 907 379 AT -or- 1K0 907 379 BE, and I'm not convinced BL is the direct replacement, but I think the factory condition 03-ABS coding of WAUZZZ8PXBA102239 was: 13424012492200FCC80D02E792220092380800 The Replacement steps on this page apply...
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    Drl light does not work golf mk6

    No it doesn't support basic settings and it does not require a SA code prior to Coding or Adaptation.
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    Audi A6 C7 ABS coding for 1N8 retrofit

    Following up in regards to an earlier email conversation we do not have enough information for this ABS system to recommend a new 03 coding string however these scans may be helpful: CGQB with ACC (but edited VIN): CGQB without ACC...
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    P2002 and P2463 dpf faults

    We do not but I could toss a redirect line (REDIRECT,059-907-401-CAT1.CLB,4F9-910-402-A ; CDYA (4F)) into a custom file if needed. @JBD , feel free to e-mail Support with a link to this thread if you would like to try that T'reg/Q7 family 3.0L TDI label file. In the meanwhile this should...
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    Skoda octavia 2016 1.6 dsg not starting

    @DV52 I would have expected the description to be related to a no crank (rather than a no start) since the Engine and Transmission modules were offline if terminal 15 wasn't powering on however DyslexicDog's list should add clarity. It isn't uncommon for many of the modules in the car to...
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    2009 vw jetta tdi module failure..

    The last two digits are critical. All MK60EC1 ABS modules use the 1K0 907 379 scheme but you need the direct replacement for 1K0 907 379 AE which was the factory part number. Because the dealer already flashed it to 1K0 907 379 CE I do not believe you will have an open recall but it couldn't...
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    Skoda octavia 2016 1.6 dsg not starting

    It looks like this scan was created with the ignition off (VIgn 0.0V). There aren't many control modules communicating so please make sure the ignition was on and post another scan. P.S. I'll move this to the Car Repair Support sub-forum.
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    2016 Tiguan - Control Module for Battery Monitoring, Generator - No Comms?

    I can shed light based on 5N tinkering / prior self induced problem experience :) If you enable address 61 using the GVL function in a NAR market vehicle like this that does NOT have Battery Reg the results are: 1) New 61 module appears in the GVL 2) New 61 module appears in the Auto-Scan with...
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    MK4 Gti Locking/Immobilizer Issue

    Thanks for the scan. In regards to the exterior door lock cylinder (that fails) this video may be helpful: You can see a non-broken door lock cylinder perfectly at 1:25. That flat blade should always be vertical because the door latch needs to be in that position when you aren't locking or...
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    2020 A3 HBA

    No naughty corner. More like a MQB BCM wizard in my book! I had the luxury of looking at the latest ROD files (based on the scan) and locating those SFD channels. Thing is, they can be present when the module doesn't support SFD. Eric found a clever way to confirm if the module in questions...
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    Retrofitting MIB2.5 with 9.2" screen

    Yeah, 5F has his own GVL so that sounds right. The donor MIB car had Dynaudio whihc is why 5F was looking for it.