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    2010 VW Jetta ABS Code Needed Please (MK60EC1)

    Hi Dwain, I received your PM however I re-searched and we do not have a single (1K) baseline scan from a BSF engine with this ABS system. We are not going to be able to build the coding from scratch but I'm glad to see you have the correct module installed at this time. Hopefully someone else...
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    New user

    Thanks @DV52 , I mentioned that to @Santos and he will change the Banner to link to our home page. I also asked him to add a link to the Wiki (if possible) because I used that feature in our old forum.
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    ABS pump change question

    Sounds good. 1K0 907 379 AH is a different (newer model year) ABS module using the 19 Byte coding scheme. You may be able to code it only after modifying the original coding length by adding two zeros to the end of the string but that's experiential at best.
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    No start and cooling fan on high when don't start

    Hmm, shorted Powertrain CAN issues aren't common on this body. Shorted/malfunctioning Comfort CAN isn't unheard of when natural problems exist in the doors but based on the faults it looks like this is a crash repair. Are all of those Igniters with fault codes blown currently? Are there any...
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    ABS pump change question

    The Auto-Scan would allow us to look up VIN specific parts information however I can share what we know based on your part number. 1K0 907 379 AD was flash updated to 1K0 907 379 CD on the dealer level at some point in time. 1K0 907 379 AD supers to 1K0 907 379 AN. For this reason the only...
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    No start and cooling fan on high when don't start

    Adding to Jef's suggestions, this page contains photos of a Red/Black traced power wire that corroded with regularity: Scratch that. I thought this was a Mk5 rather than a 6. That exact terminal/wire may not apply so check your wiring diagrams...
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    Audi A5 B9 & TMPS off

    This car uses indirect (ABS based) TPMS based on PR-Code 7K1 Tire pressure monitoring system. For that reason you should be able to reset the TPMS via MIB menu followed by a drive with properly inflated tires.
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    Blocked Restricted IP Addresses? - Not New Forum S/W Related

    Hi Sean, Sorry for the delay on our end. We received your static IP via e-mail (back in September) and Santos didn't find an obvious cause on our end ... but due to the new(er) forum he's poking around once more to make sure we didn't miss anything on our end. If you don't hear back from one...
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    2009 Caddy, Trying to replace instrument cluster with Touran clocks

    Hi William, I switched your forum status to Verified VCDS User and I'll move this from Misc > Forum Support and Feedback to the Retrofits section.
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    Tiguan lost ABS coding

    Hello, I moved this from the Passat thread into a new thread. I believe the factory coding of 03-ABS was: 0011551 Due to the different off-road packages please make sure that function works properly when you test drive the vehicle after coding. The Replacement steps on this page apply...
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    Jetta 6 Long coding help Please. Car is Manual gear box

    Providing the diagnostic VIN (WVWZZZ16ZCM033503) is correct I believe the installed ABS module is incorrect. This car should have had 1K0 907 379 BJ factory installed using the 19 Byte coding scheme. Either way, I believe the factory condition coding string was...
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    Jetta 6 Long coding help Please. Car is Manual gear box

    Hello, Thanks for using our forum. I have your scan in Support mail as well and I'll reply here with any suggestions we may have. -Dana Vehicle Identification No. WVWZZZ16ZCM033503 Model Jetta JE Date of production 30.08.2011 Model year 2012 Sales type 1623G2 Engine Code CAXA...
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    Skoda Octavia 2015 rear lamp LED installed

    I can merge the threads for you but please include: 1) Adaptation function Control module map from address 09. Mapping is explained here: [Applications] [Controller Channels Map] Address: 09 Function: Adaptation Output: CSV File...
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    4WD Retrofit on 2009 T5

    00493 - ESP-Sensor Unit (G419): Defective doesn't look good. If that DTC wasn't stored previously I would want to make sure the wiring, terminals and sensor mounting are OK before ordering a replacement sensor. In regards to Basic Settings, they are listed in the EN and DE label files but I...
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    2020 Atlas Cross Sport - Change ambient colors

    P.S. I added AID (Active Info Display (VW Digital Cockpit/Audi Virtual Cockpit) to the forum. If I did it correctly that acronym should have a helper now.