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    Windscreen windshield wiper arm touches moulding on left driver's side

    This thread did remind me of my old post. I don't know if the 4H A8 works the same, I doubt it does. Looking at the photos the wipers do look a little high in the rest position so manually adjusting seems the way forward.
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    A Sad Day

    Very sad news. Condolences to his family and his friends.
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    MKV Golf 2.0 FSI Oil Pressure Warning

    When I hear of low oil pressure I always assume of oil sludge and a clogged pick up tube. Does the warning appear with driving conditions under 2000rpm? How is service history, frequent oil changes - i.e more than the recommended?
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    2007 Audi A8L and 2008 Audi A8L rear Lights (All 4) will they work properly

    Yes, they will work without fault!
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    2014 Audi A7 no alarm horn sound on lock/unlock

    I had the same Alarm Horn fault that wouldn't clear, even when a new alarm horn was installed. I did find a workaround in my A8 4E: 1) Remove the Anti-Theft Warning System coding from 0x46; 2) Close module then reconnect (my Alarm Horn fault was cleared automatically by this stage); 3) Restore...
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    2014 Audi A7 no alarm horn sound on lock/unlock

    Address 46: Central Conv. Cannot be reached If you have the wiring diagram, that will be the first place I would start looking.
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    2006 Audi A8L W12

    If the Car suspension menu still does not show can you do an Adaptation Map of the MMI and post the text file here. The MMI wasn't coded so I suspect you may also have lost the adaptation values.
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    2006 Audi A8L W12

    Ok, can you recode module 07 MMI to 0000003, then re boot the MMI.
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    2006 Audi A8L W12

    Can you see the suspension graphic / options when you press 'CAR' ?
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    2006 Audi A8L W12

    Hi, When you say you do not see it, have you pressed Set Up and it's not there? Or is it greyed out, like in the image?
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    Battery support unit

    Sorry to go off topic, but Bruce you mentioned "So far this is a phenomena that only happens in the 230v 50 cycle community where the laptop and the battery charger are not referenced to the same ground", is this due to which type of earthing / grounding system is used? Either TN-S, TN-C...
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    2014 A8L W12, EPC light on but no DTCs set.

    Could Readiness cause an EPC light to stay on? Factory software?
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    2003 Audi A8 4E replace cornering xenon with normal xenon

    Hi Apial, If you can get a scan of your dad's car it will help. I believe the cornering functionality is from the 55-Range Controller module. AFS range controllers do have a different part number from non-AFS modules. So hopefully changing the coding from 0000018 to 0000001 will work. 09-Cent...
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    '07 Audi A8 electrical system gone wild

    How did you start the car when in an earlier post you said it dies immediately? With the key or start button?
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    '07 Audi A8 electrical system gone wild

    Have you checked J329 Terminal 15 voltage supply relay? It's located in the relay and fuse carrier, behind dash panel, left side.