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    The Chip Shortage Has Grown in to a FULL BLOWN CRISIS (Former Dealer Explains)
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    Retrofit BOSE Audi A6 4G 2016 FL MIB2 and error 12290 - Quiescent Current U1406 00 [008] - Too High

    It's because it's communicates via MOST-bus and 5F. VCDS at this moment doesn't use Gateway list from 5F.
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    Need sfd activation for retrofit job

    Someone would be crazy to share it public. Every request is saved and if needed, monitored.
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    2012 Amarok "No ASAM data"

    Just edit eeprom to have correct ASAMdata.
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    Audi A6 Avant C7.5 2015+ Keyless (Kessy) retrofit - need help

    I've done c7.5 keyless-go to entry. Just do wiring and handles. Then upload parameters to 05 and code 05, 42 52 62 and 72. Coding for 05, You must change 2 bits at same time. Juat compare Your coding to some elses with entry.
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    2016 Tiguan - Cluster Swap... CP, Ouch!

    Fazit doesnt allow different p/n to be installed. CP can also be transfered, but it's not for VVDI2 guys...
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    Hex Net scan Golf 8 with malfunction some control unit shows OK 0000

    I'm having issues scanning Golf 8-s. Scan using Early model Hex-Net V2 is damn slow. I have only tried it on 2 cars which I had limited access to.
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    Retrofit European DLA headlights to NAR 2017 MK7 Golf R

    Module A maybe works here, but on newer modules with 55 module being newer it doesn't.
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    Retrofit European DLA headlights to NAR 2017 MK7 Golf R

    Module E doesn't support DLA. I once had a customer who didn't believe me to the end, but between two visits module E changed to D. Customer claimed he didn't change it.
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    Retrofit European DLA headlights to NAR 2017 MK7 Golf R

    You need different modules as non-DLA modules do disapear when DLA is coded. Use P/N latest available.
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    MY21 Skoda Superb / New MIB3 5F (3V0 035 876 B) - time for labels to be created?

    To my knowledge DAB is FeC enabled Online.
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    Alternator LIN bus version

    Cheap and incorrect Voltage Regulators almost never work correcty on these cars. Main issues are incorrect charging and/or fault code indicating no communication to alternator although charging is OK.
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    Golf 7 instrumet cluster swap

    Hybrid uses different software and can't be adapted fault free.
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    B7 Passat Alltrack V6 - Can Bus Defective-Long Coding

    Used CCM needs immobiliser transfer. I think @kamold can help You out.
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    MIB2 testbench

    For mib ontable You need gateway and mib2. And it is sufficient to give power to gateway terminal15 pin to access mib with vcds.