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    Security Access Error "7F" whilst attempting to calibrate back up camera Audi A3 8V

    Did you ever get this fixed? if so, what was it? Thanks
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    Skoda Kodiaq MY19 132KW TFSI 2.0L (J623-CZPA) (ROW)

    Thanks for sharing! Any chance of a Channel Map of Module 09 and 6D please? Thankyou
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    Adaption files Golf 8

    Great Comparison and due diligence Don, thankyou.
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    BCM Coding all Zeros

    Just wanted to clarify this if possible Seen a few cars now with all 0's in Module 09 - I initially thought (dangerous assumption) this was because it was an SFD locked module, but after checking the Access Authorisation of the module, it was not an SFD capable module. So is it really as...
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    Vas 721001

    I have the Ali ones too, they work fine. (using ODIS).
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    A9 Structure borne sound retrofit: wrong vehicle type

    I had this same issue when fitting an A9 module from an SQ7 4M into a Q7 4M. It connects but get "incorrect engine type" so obviously doesnt work Never got it fixed.
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    Rear View Camera Highline into 2016 Audi A6 with RMC Headunit

    Hi all Does anyone know where I can find the coding to enable the RVC Highline camera (4G0827566) into an MY17 Audi A6 Saloon which has an RMC headunit? Its wired in correctly and showing on the CAN Bus, but not sure what coding needs to be done (or Green Menu changes)? Any advice appreciated...
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    Recommended Car Battery Charger / Power Supply

    Just wanted to get throughts on a good Battery Charger for modern start/stop cars when working on them with coding etc (to avoid battery drain etc). Normally I would start the engine, but sometimes the engine must not be running when doing updates for example. Not sure if "Battery Charger" is...
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    Manual Label Files in LCode

    So I've started using the great LCode.exe "offline" on my desktop computer so I can drop in Long Coding strings and then compare against others the bytes/bits etc. Its very useful However, historically, I've gone to a car and screengrabbed each of the Long Coding Pages of a Module 1 by 1 so I...
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    Audi Q7 4M Transport Mode Disablement Not working 100%

    Uwe and team Friend of mine was doing a controller channel map for me on his 2016 Q7 4M and accidentally clicked on Activate Transport Mode. After doing this he clicked on Disable Transport mode straight after, but it didnt work. Going for a drive, leaving car over night etc, no change...
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    Audi Q7 4M Front Bumper Removal - ACC Calibration

    Hi Guys or I'm talking about any MLBEvo platform here. In the workshop guides it states that removing the front bumper means that ACC would need to be re-calibrated, even if nothing changed. I'm not sure if this is 100% accurate and its just an Audi "better to be safe than sorry" process, so...
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    TapaTalk Support

    Apologies if already asked but I use Tapatalk on my smartphone for a load of forums but RT is not one I can add/use (unless I'm doing something stupid - please tell me if so) If not, is there plans to support this in the future? I read the thread on upgrading the forum to 5.x but dont believe...
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    MLBEvo S5 2017 Missing Modules on AutoScan

    Hi Everyone Bit of a strange one, but we've got a 2017 S5 Sportback that came from Factory without driver side memory seats but it does have full electric seats (Front/back/up/down/ventilation etc). Now wierdly, whether with VCDS or other tools, no Module 06 (Seat Memory Pass) or 36 (Seat...
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    Q7 4M ABS Module Coding

    Hi Everyone, I have been in the process of retrofitting the Direct TPMS System with the 433Mhz Tyre valves (PR Code 7K3) to my 2016 Audi Q7 4M. Unfortunately its not an option in the UK, we just have the standard TPMS The actual module itself is installed (shows up as Module 65 in AutoScan)...
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    Q7 4M - Reverse Camera 'Low Line' Retrofit Doesnt show image when selecting reverse

    Hi Guys I've just retrofitted a rear camara "low line" (so no Extended CAN) into a 2016 Q7 4M. This is just power/ground/12v trigger then 2 wires from the camera into the back of the MIB2 5F module. While everything is working, the camera doesn't automatically appear when put in reverse gear...