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    Cylinder 4 failure Audi A6 C6 3.2 2007

    Lent car to friend for a few months. Back in May she said that it started idling rough and the engine light and traction control lights came on. When I got home in June this is what I found on the scan: 4 Faults Found: 000516 - Injector: Cylinder 4 (N33) P0204 - 007 -...
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    ABS Golf MK7

    Got a 2016 Golf Mk7. ABS was changed with one from another car. The part #s seem good to fit in this car as well according to VW but I am getting a strange fault that from what I have been told is some sort of mismatch between HCU and ECU, ECU calibration data does not match HCU. 4254 -...
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    Audi A1 2013 type S with 2015 S1 ABS - ABS Long Coding ESP9.0i 6C0

    Hi, my friend has a 2013 audi a1 type-s 1.4 tfsi, but he put in a 2015 abs module from an s1. Do you think we can get it to work properly? Can you please provide the long coding? As you can see there are a lot of problems because of the ABS module. Unfortunately I don’t have any of his old...
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    Audi A6 C6 Backup camera retrofit

    I am trying to put in a backup camera in a 2007 A6 with MMI 2G high. I am pretty sure I have everything wired up properly. Camera runs to control module. control module taps into CAN bus high & low, and has power from new fuse and ground. The FAKRA cables go from camera to module and up to the...
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    01794 - 36 Seat mem. driver

    Got this code on my friends 2002 a4, along with a few others: Address 36: Seat Mem. Drvr Labels: 8E0-959-760.lbl Part No: 8E0 959 760 Component: Sitzmemory R2 F 0201 Coding: 00001 Shop #: WSC 93250 VCID: 71E9B4993B7042B68E-4B02 4 Faults Found: 01317 - Control...