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    Purchased mib2 discover media for mk6 gti

    Hello all! It’s been awhile since I posted. I’ve been lurking in here for awhile. Anyway, I just won a bid on eBay for a mib2 discover media head unit. I intended on installing it in my 2011 mk6 gti. I have a few questions I was wondering if you guy might be able to answer. I’ve read some...
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    Side assist retro install in MK6?

    Hello, I was doing some searching on Google, and stumbled upon this: It is a side assist (Blind spot) indicator that fits in the side mirrors. I did some more searching and I can not find...
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    No Cruise Control after MFSW Install with new clock spring and Stalks 2011 GTI

    Hello, I am having an issue with my Cruise control not working after the MFSW upgrade in my car. I am also getting some fault codes there weren't there before. I am thinking they are related to a coding issue, but I am not sure what to change? I installed a 5K0 953 507 AH (Clock spring and...
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    Rns315 version d with 9w7 Bluetooth issues

    I have a 2011 vw gti, and I purchased a rns315 model number 1k0035274d. From my research it is the latest model. And my car came with a 9w7 Bluetooth module. I am having issues with streaming music to my unit. I am not sure if it's a coding issue. The issues I am having are: after a song is...