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    Mk6 golf steering wheel into mk5 issues.

    You need to post an Auto Scan for the team to assist you Cruise control needs to be enabled in the engine control module as well as address 16.
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    Mk6 golf steering wheel into mk5 issues.

    Correction: all 12 buttons now work for me
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    2013 Volkswagen Passat - Vehicle not starting when the vehicle is warm

    Someone had asked me to look at their 2013 Passat. The issue with it is that the car doesn't start whenever the car is parked out in the sun or recently running. The dashboard displays "immobilizer active". If the car is left in the shade for a few hours or hasn't been running for a few hours...
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    Requesting suggested coding for a MK6 Jetta ABS module

    Greetings, A MK6 Jetta had a ECU failure that couldn't be repaired via traditional means. A donor ECU, instrument cluster and transponder were swapped from a scrapped car. I'm aware that the VIN is now different. The issue is that the coding in the ABS module has been zero'd out as expected...
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    Retrofitting 12-button MK6 steering wheel in place of 8-button MK5 steering wheel

    I just swapped a 12-button MK6 Golf steering wheel in place of my 8-button MK5 Golf steering wheel. The swap went well, and all 12 buttons work. My issue is that the horn button does not work. I had swapped over the steering wheel control module from the stock ***AQ model to the ***CD model...
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    Retrofit MK6 Golf-R instrument cluster to MK5 Golf GTI

    Greetings, I had just retrofitted a 2012 MK6 Golf-R instrument cluster in my 2008 MK5 GTI thinking that the donor cluster was from a MK6 Golf. I did the necessary immobilizer work and paired a new key (with lots of advice from a member here "Jetta,97"). There are a few things I had noticed...
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    Injector calibration query

    I have replaced my injectors with new ones. The new ones idle rough anywhere below 850 RPM. Any RPM above that is OEM smooth. How can I do the injector coding, or the calibration myself using VCDS? Tuesday,14,January,2020,20:37:24:39976VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows...
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    MK5 Jetta Halogen headlight issue with high beam

    Hello, I have a someone with a 2007 MK5 Jetta who has an interesting issue with his Halogen high beams (these are non-BiXenon headlights). The issue is that whenever he switches on the high-beams, they stay on for only a few seconds before going out, leaving only the low-beams lit. The issue...
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    Intermittent issues with DSG

    Greetings, I have developed an issue with my DSG since yesterday where it just did what I'd call a "neutral dump" where it somehow falls out of "gear". In other words, I was cruising along and it was as though the transmission went from Drive to Neutral where the engine RPM shot straight up. I...
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    Retrofitting Cruise control in 2008 MK5 Golf

    I bought a cruise control stalk online with part number 1K0-953-513G to install in my 2008 MK5 Golf later today. I haven't bought any additional wiring or modules. I want to know if I need to buy any additional modules or wiring to make this work in my car. My coding is shown below...
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    RCD-510-AE + Kufatec Fiscon Bluetooth basic retrofit not working for MK5 Golf GTI

    I have a 2008 MK5 Golf GTI with DSG, multifunction steering wheel, Red MFA+ that came with a Premium7 haedunit that I am retrofitting a Premium8 RCD-510-AE and Kufatec Fiscon Bluetooth harness. The RCD installs and works OK, bu the Fiscon bluetooth harness isn't providing any bluetooth...
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    How to retrieve the security code from OEM Premium7 headunit

    Greetings, I've just ordered a RCD-510 headunit for my car to replace my OEM Premium7 one. Since I still have the original RCD-510 installed in my car, is there a way to use VCDS to extract the 4 digit security code that is currently removed from the car? I intend to re-sell this older...
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    MK5 Golf GTI headlights not focusing properly after installation.

    Greetings, My car came with aftermarket headlights. I ordereed some OEM-like DEPO replacements (with the auto-leveling motors). I installed the pair and attempted to calibrate the beam in VCDS. I keep getting the error code below. I checked the new wiring for electrical faults and ensured...
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    Looking to change workshop code for module

    Greetings, I have a 2008 MK5 Golf that I need to change the workshop code for as it is currently filled with "zeroes" I have the WSC configured in the VCDS application itself, but I don't have the option to do any coding in the power steering module itself (so that I can overwrite the WSC). I...
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    Workshop NAME and WSC not saved in recent versions of VCDS

    Greetings, I've noticed that for the last 2 official releases of VCDS, I can no longer save my Workshop name or WSC. Normally, after each update these values are reset to their default values where the name is left blank and the WSC and other values are left at "00000 000 00000" respectively...