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    How to disable MFI lockout 2015 Tiguan

    Been searching for a while with no success. Does anyone how to disable the MFI lockout when driving? After about 10 mph the MFI won't allow me to change to different screens. On my 2014 Jetta for example, theres a box to uncheck to allow input in the nav when driving, or it can be left checked...
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    Bleeding fuel system 2014 Jetta CJAA Need advice...

    I just changed my fuel filter on my TDI (CJAA). I used VCDS to bleed it by running the fuel pump. I'm paranoid about having any air in the system, so I ran the VCDS which says its a 30 sec test. I just let it run and it switched off the pump automatically after 90 seconds. I did it a second time...
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    Autoscan Request 2014 Tdi 2.0 Manual Trans treadline Plus USA Car

    Autoscan Request 2014 Jetta Tdi 2.0 Manual Trans treadline Plus (S model) USA Car Need Autoscan for the Treadline plus tdi USA model only please, not Canadian or other. Thanks
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    Help Installing TPMS Reset Button In Canadian Jetta 2014

    I want to install the TPMS reset button in my 2014 Jetta TDi, Canadian model. I've read several write ups about this but they all say to wire the TPMS button to the ESP button and so on. I have NO buttons on my console, it's the card holder in place of the blanks. So I'm looking for a simple...
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    2014 Jetta TPMS Activation Questions / Help Needed

    SOLVED 2014 Jetta TPMS Activation Questions / Help Needed So I followed the steps to code the ABS with 5140022 at the end. Changed Instrument cluster to ending with 01. Restarted ignition, TPMS light came on and off like it should. So far so good. Here are my questions, 1. Where can I find the...