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    HI I have a 2007 passat with a 2.0 TDI PD engine(engine code BMR) engine has recently been rebuilt due to it eating its own inlet flaps. 200 miles or so after this a code for 18434/P2002/008194 - Particle Filter Bank 1: Malfunction, efficency below theresold apperared and wouldnt clear. a ne...
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    stalling golf 2008 2.0tdi bmn

    hi this jamie (keiser501). bit stuck on diagnosing this one. occasional stall out or sometimes just a "hickup"....even at idle. like a relay dropping out momentarily. restarts straight away, ticks over ok, then a little hickup again. owner says its got worse over the last week or so.....been...
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    Eos osr door module

    Have isolated fault with osr window module, it is modified and a common problem. Trouble is I have not changed one before on this model. Catch 22? Can't access part without roof down, Can't get roof down without part working? Anyone here know a way round this problems? thanks in anticipation...
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    No Comms Caddy

    Next diagnostic job VW CADDY VAN 2008 RHD UK spec, No powers and earths to the DLC? would like to fix a couple of simple things on this little van to get it through the UK MOT test. 1. No rear fog (or fog warning tell-tale) 2. the sidelights (all 4) only come on when light switch is turned to...
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    new member wants access to forum

    joined today, would like to post a vehicle problem. thanks in anticipation. jamie