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    8S TTRS DSG issues

    It`s logged in the trans and when the mech is replaced it resets to zero..
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    Ibiza Cupra PD160 6L 2007 -- Absence of power on stat-up and genera lack of power at less than 2,000RPM

    Something can`t be right with those logs. Actual versus requested should be close. When yours are in sync they are EXACTLY the same to 2 decimal places. That doesn`t happen in real life. Then they go massively out of sync.
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    Stop/start VW TROC

    Uwe That makes sense. Thank you.
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    Stop/start VW TROC

    I`m new to VCDS,trying to learn as I go. I don`t know what the adaptation error means. That`s why I posted the question and it seems you don`t know either. I`ve done the voltage change before on other vag cars no problem to disable s/s. This is the first one that has given me the adaptation pop up.
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    Stop/start VW TROC

    I am trying to disable the stop/start on my VW TROC. ( for off road use only honestly) Can gateway Adaptations Voltage limit for s/s Increase this to 12.1 V Do it Then get the pop up below. Which do I click? Also what is the 5F fault in scan? Autoscan below Adaptation Error This appears to...
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    2013 Jetta TDI, Troubleshooting Glow Plugs

    Faulty G28 will stop it starting.
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    DSG no drive and misses 3rd gear

    New to the forum and need some help please. RS3 2016 8V. Booting it in manual. 1st to 2nd perfect. 2nd to third the revs hit the limiter then drop down slowly until finally the clutch fully engages then all ok. This only happens in 3rd gear.All other gears ok. This has happened 5 times in one...
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    Basic Settings wont work

    Audi A3 2.0 tdi 170 ps BMN engine. I replaced my turbo ,just the central core but it came with the vane adjusting screw not set so I need to use Engine ,Basic Settings,Group 11(Charge Pressure Control) to cycle the turbo to reset the screw to give me 80 mbar change between vanes open and closed...
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    Hello from Bolton U.K.

    New user of vcds.What a BRILLIANT tool.