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    Traffic Jam Assist TJA Retrofit question

    Coding with vcds and parameters with VCP
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    Traffic Jam Assist TJA Retrofit question

    Literally 10min after posting it I found info I need. Works fine now :)
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    Traffic Jam Assist TJA Retrofit question

    Hi guys I have following A5 camera in my Golf Address A5: Frt Sens. Drv. Assist (R242) Labels:| 3Q0-980-65X-A5.clb Part No SW: 3Q0 980 654 L HW: 3Q0 980 654 A Component: MQB_B_MFK H12 0610 Serial number: 05081912P24826 Coding...
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    Crossroad Assistant meaning?

    If i good understand that function is controlled by A5 Front Camera. Some cameras from Passat comes with it. Part number ends with xx4 if i good remember
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    Golf MK7.5 A5 Lane Assist retrofit issue

    Yes I have, thank you. But please post your scan here, it may help others as well
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    Golf MK7.5 Blind Spot retrofit codding issue

    Original from the car when I bought it, WITHOUT any mods: 01FA93A15426216F4777070040C66980C92A84E2E002967738425078C208430000000012121212B835351919323200 This is my current, working ABS coding: 01FA93A15426216F4777070040C66980C92A84E2E0029677384250084288430000000012121212B835351919323200 With...
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    Golf MK7.5 mirrors unfold on ignition

    Yes they are. I wouldn’t ask otherwise
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    Highline BCM in Startline caddy, 2017

    5K0 937 086 AA that BCM comes in my Caddy Highline with foglights
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    Audi Q2 vc (virtual cockpit) compatibility with A3 8V

    It is different.
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    Touch Control MFSW retrofit on a GTE

    New Passat wheel can be made to work in MK7, however airbag wiring needs to be altered. See vid below If you thinking about MK8 wheel - that can be made to work as well, but coding is required See vid below Regards
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    ACC and Speed Limiter not available - MK7

    Why don't you just run SVM with ODIS on 01, 03 and 13? You will see after that what faults are back.
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    Golf MK7.5 mirrors unfold on ignition

    Hi Is it possible to code in mirrors to unfold on ignition, instead of remote? In MK6 it eeprom tweak but i cannot find correct adaptation channel in MK7 for that Regards
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    Skoda Octavia Virtual Cockpit Retrofit - Nav error

    So what was your finally channel map on 17 and 5F?
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    Programming folding mirror using remote ( car key )

    Thanks a lot sir :)
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    ACC and Speed Limiter not available - MK7

    Depends how your cockpit has been retrofitted... I've seen few times ODIS has been kicked out on coding procedure and it have to start again. In some cases you have to restore FEC on gateway and ACC after that.