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    Passat B6 2009 retrofit to "FWH -Front Windscreen Heating”. Brightness of digits ??

    Passat B6 2009 retrofit to "FWH -Front Windscreen Heating”. Brightness of digits ?? I have problem not solvable (so far). There was climate from Passat B7 3AA907044E. I decided made retrofitt "FWH -Front Windscreen Heating”. I replaced my BCM-Centr.Elecrt. (J519 module) 3C8937049E (without...
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    CBAB engine, no label !

    I do not have label for my engine! I have last update. Address 01: Engine Labels: None Part No SW: 03L 906 022 QD HW: 03L907309 Component: R4 2,0L EDC G000AG 6209 Revision: 13H01--- Serial Number: VWZCZ000000000 Coding: 0000078 Shop #: WSC 66565 257 00032 VCID: 77B178DF440A5418D2A93199D-8022
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    Webasto MB.. only 1....4 & 5-1 ??

    Address 18: Aux. Heat Labels: 1K0-815-007.clb Part No: 7N0 963 272 C Component: Standheizer 044 4840 Revision: 00044000 Serial number: 09024302000000 Coding: 0031012 Shop #: WSC 00032 000 00000 VCID: 3561DE8A5C6266EA5F-8060 Why only 4 (four) full measuring...
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    Adaptation Instruments, ESI or SID, what difference ?

    Adaptation instrument cluster What difference between choice ... IDE00492-MAS02006-ESI: Coding of Service Interval Extension (SIE)-Selection of ESI or SID - Extended Service Intervals (ESI) or Service interval display (SID) ?
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    Not possible send LOG by email !!

    Can not send LOG by email.. ? Infrastructure Mode 1. Choice log - option - and "email" 2. "Send Email" 3. and see :cry:
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    Loading ASAM - 0% !!

    Loading ASAM - turn 0% and nothing!! Very often (9 times from 10..), when I start "Advanced Measuring Values" - 08-HVAC.... loading ASAM dataset "turn" on 0% lot of time...without any change. Part of values dark (inaccessible) part - accessible For work with HEX-NET I check any...
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    No label file found ?

    Engine.. (for example) - "Advanced Measuring Values" No label ! My engine SW: 03L 906 022 QD HW: 03L 907 309 What reason ?
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    "Infrastructure Mode"..if I have only the smartphone, available or no ?

    Can I use the "Infrastructure Mode" having only the smartphone with 3G WiFi access and HEX-NET ? Without additional device (router) "Samsung Galaxy S6" + "HEX-NET" = "Infrastructure Mode" ? (Yes or Not) Does the additional router is necessary or no? SMN
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    Mb 123,124 tdi cr cbab, cbbb....

    Mb 121, 123, 124 tdi cr cbab, cbbb.... Hi Some remarks .... TDI CR CBAB, CBBB 2009 year Passat B6 Labels: 03L-906-022-CBA.clb 123-4 exhaust gas recirculation potentiometer -G212 (Feedback voltage going to the N18 exhaust gas recirculation valve) 124-4 throttle valve potentiometer – G69...