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    Successful battery change and coding - 2016 Skoda Fabia 1.2MPi

    FYI, factory setting in this channel for AGM batteries is "Fleece". Don't know if there is any difference or not between those.
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    Skoda Superb 3 drivers seat memory

    I have wiring diagrams for Superb mk3 and can't see passenger seat memory anywhere. My understanding is, that it has never been available for Superb.
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    Skoda Superb 3 drivers seat memory

    Is there some obvious reason why car would or would not have both 06 and 36 modules? My superb 3 (TMBCJ7NP7H7015686) only has module 36 for driver seat memory.
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    APR ESP Defeat - Error 31

    That is quite true. The right way to do this mod, is to change byte 6 to 80 and byte 14 to 01. So if original coding is 144BE00C49230002280D07E6921E0041B70000, try 144BE00C49238002280D07E6921E0141B70000 as new value?
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    Skoda Yeti MY12 & Airbag Clockspring problem

    According to this table, these parts (E vs AL) are not identical in terms of what they support. There's a difference in "Steering angle sensor". Is it possible that this is causing problems? I don't know, just guessing. Whenever I have replaced one, I've searched for a part that matches every...
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    2021 Skoda Superb IV compatible?

    To keep it simple, dataset is a set of parameters telling control module what to do and how to do it. For example, this trunk module might be the exact same part in Superb, Kodiaq and Octavia (not sure if it is, just an example). It has the same part number etc. But then a dataset is loaded into...
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    2021 Skoda Superb IV compatible?

    VCDS will work with Superb iV, but trunk closing is something you can't adjust with VCDS anymore. Trunk closing options are included in datasets, not in adaptation channels or coding options.
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    8V - Wiper Service position in MMI?

    I managed to add that menu option with this, in module 09: channel IDE01268-ENG116615-Windshield wiper-Menuesteuerung Frontwischer,adapted from,not active ,to,active But in my car, the module version was 5Q0 937 084 AA and you have different version. Still worth checking if you have that same...
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    How can i check my battery state of charge,how good/bad it is etc?

    Your measurements do not represent battery voltage at rest. Your car is very much "awake" and drawing 11.5 amps from battery. To check real rest voltage, leave your car sitting with hood open and ignition off, wait at least few hours or over night. Then measure battery voltage with a multimeter.
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    Help understanding Long Coding Helper bit codes

    They are so called PR-codes.
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    BCM Coding all Zeros

    (7) Put away your computer, navigate to your vehicle settings and perform a factory reset to light settings to get this actually working. :)
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    Audi A3 2016, AAA Battery Coding

    Apart from auto scan, your photos also reveal that your car does not have battery control module. If it did, the module that measures battery current would sit on your battery negative pole. There is no such module present. Also, your measuring channel "IDE01836 - Battery current" shows 0.000 A...
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    ABS Issue - VW MK6

    This question remains to be answered. I've seen more than one case where new wheel speed sensors are installed and still throwing different fault codes. Until OEM parts are installed, they seem to make the fault codes disappear. :p
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    Ignition Active Message, Actuator ------ No Display

    First time I've heard about this kind of behaviour. My both MQB cars (MY14 A3 and MY17 Kodiaq) with this "No Display" adaptation keep silent when I open driver's door. Doesn't matter if engine is running or not. Maybe it's different in MY20 cars then?
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    2015 Audi A3 - No AWD engagement

    There is also this case with similar fault code, where the problem was inside haldex unit. Broken seal was causing pressure loss and thus the clutch was not engaging properly. Unfortunately it's in finnish, but the picture of broken part can be seen in this message...