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    RCD300 radio, firmware update

    Hello, a simple question. Is it possible to perform firmware update of RCD300 radio (VW/Skoda) via VDCS? Thanks enrico
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    Long Coding for CAN gateway

    Hello, I'm trying to code a new can gateway that I placed to solve battery drain due to RCD 310 Radio on Golf plus V in replacement of RCD300. What I don't understand is how to obtain the long code starting from the installation list. Just selecting the variuos devices it creates the new code...
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    Radio upgrade from RCD300 to RCD 310

    Hi, I bought a new RCD 310 genuine Skoda/VW radio to upgrade my RCD300. Once installed I see that remote volume controls on steer does not work. I guess I have to set the new radio code with the VCDS software, the car is a 2005 Golf plus. But I was unable to find the proper code around...
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    Strange OUTPUT on EDC ECU

    Hi all, I am new on this nice forum. My Golf Plus 2.0 TDI, year 2005 does not start anymore... I have a message saying 'STOP, oil pressure'. With the Autoscan no fault appears. If I check the engine I get the following output: VCDS Version: Release 11.11.2 Address 01: Engine...