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    2021 Atlas - long code & adaptation available

    I've tried that and it does not work, they only work around that I've found completely disables it it to unplug voltage monitor on the negative battery terminal. It works but you always get an error on start stop on start. Thanks for the quick response
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    2021 Atlas - long code & adaptation available

    What coding changes are available for a 2021 vw atlas sel premium 2.0t? Currently no label file for module 1 engine and no coding and almost no adaptation changes in 2 transmission. I'm trying to default start stop to off when I start car and see if there is a way to have current gear be shown...
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    VCDS 19.6 firmware update - repeated system error

    Just updated desktop vcds for my hex-net to 19.6, during testing interface it states the hex-net needs a firmware update, when I attempt to check for upgrades using hex-net using hex mobile - all I get is an internal server error, try again but that's just an infinite loop of errors. I test...
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    Mobile - more than 4 predefined data log fields in gauge?

    Are there any plans to allow people to store my predefined data logs using mobile or is there a way to do that currently that I've missed? I've been using my smartphone more to to quick data logging but predefining a gauge only allow 4 fields, having to pick out of over a thousand field in my...
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    HEX-NET update vcds mobile vs V2.237 config error code -11

    I normally check to see if there's an update every month or so and when I downloaded the recent vcds 17.6.0 beta I thought I'd use V2.237 config to check for updates. The update says rod data needed so I download but it always ends with a -11 error code. I've disabled my usb norton scan of...
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    2013 Audi Q5 HVAC diag procedures

    my '13 q5 3.0 hvac blower has recently developed a very odd problem. The AC will start working, blowing cold air through the vents but over time the amount of air coming out of any of the vents slowly is reduced to almost nothing. You can hear the blower working, the compressor is working as...
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    engine - measure block numbers - change between versions?

    Do the measure block numbers change between versions? I have logs from 2013 when I first got my Audi Q5 3.0, I believe these worked up till 14.x.x but I'm not positive. When I try to use same locations with version 15.7, I've attached a jpg show the same car different versions of vcds, the...
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    Audi 2013 Q5 3.0 engine 01 version 15.7 can't data logging

    Since moving to version 15.7 I am no longer able to data log the engine module that I could log with version 12.12 my engine does have an APR tune but that shouldn't effect data logging. Do I need a label file for logging with the current version? Friday,14,August,2015,18:54:44:46081 VCDS --...