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    Having trouble with 17.1.3

    I recently have had my acc stop working due to misalignment and I was able in the past with older versions of vcds to go into module 13 and into basic settings and reset the module to get it working again. But when trying yesterday vcds doesn't allow me to do basic settings on it any more? Is...
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    Relationship between lambda control values and trims

    I suspect I have a leaking injector on my S8 and was wondering what the relationship is to the values mentioned above. Before resetting fault codes to reset trim values I had these values 15:52:52 Group 032: Lambda Control (Mixture Adaptation) -2.4 % Adaptation (Idle) Bank 1 Sensor 1 -2.0...
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    Starter Fault in VCDS but never fails to start???

    I regularly get this fault in VCDS but don't know what its really trying to tell me, the car always starts so I don't understand what this error is referring too and the terminology is somewhat confusing too me so I don't know here too look. Address 01: Engine Labels...
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    Fingerprint No longer works with no errors in modules

    I have a 2007 S8 which has the advanced key and fingerprint memory function, its no longer changing user when starting the car and it doesn't complain of dirty sensor etc. When trying to switch on as control method in the drivers seat one touch memory from off to on it goes straight back to...
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    Fake Tools

    I was wondering how you guys can spot fakes buy autoscans because I am active in various boards across the net on Audi stuff and occasionally I see people asking about buying clones because they want to be cheap. I always try to encourage them too do the right thing and buy proper unit. So if...
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    Making label files

    I am building the label files for BSM engine and would like to know how I would go about getting the drop down box for long coding like this
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    A8 D3 ACC retrofit, need help tweaking ACC radar

    Hi Folks, I have just carried out the retrofit off ACC to my 2007 S8 Everything has been fitted and coded and is working to some degree. I have been trying to determine whats what from the measuring blocks but its not immediately clear whats going on as just when I thought I was getting me...
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    Audi S8 D3 label files for engine?

    I am currently running the latest version of software from the site, however when I scan the car the label redirect fails for the engine. Address 01: Engine Labels: Redir Fail! Part No SW: 4E0 910 552 HW: 4E0 907 552 Component: 5.2L V10/4V FSI ™0060 Revision: 5AH11---...