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    ... it was funny to me....

    Chicken race
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    If I dig a hole

    through the center of the earth this is where I come out: A boat can be useful.
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    Don't know about America, but...

    this is going on at the moment in most of EU
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    This is what happens if you mix engine oil and 5 liters of washer fluid.
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    VCDS Mobile and Mirrorlink/Android Auto?

    Is it or will it be possible to use VCDS Mobile under Mirrorlink or Android Auto?
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    Ischa Freimaak!

    Today 0630 21-23/10 is it time for the anual travel to Bremen Germany and Ischa Freimaak Oktoberfest! I was thinking why dont I drink a beer for every forum menber who reads this? There is no risk to run dry and the toilets are everywhere. I can use my wife as help if too many members want a...
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    ... it was NOT funny to me....

    Sweden today 2016 I don´t know what to say...
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    Future holiday

    Who knows a super place for a holiday? I'm saving money for a super holiday now for me and the wife. One week is obviously not enough, but beween 2 and 4 weeks is OK This year, it's not possible , but within 3 and 6 years. I know you Uwe once where in/on Hawaii. Is it a still a good place...
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    Spring/summer 2016

    Tomorrow/ ´today we start the grlil for the season. We start with sausages, then we continue next weekend with dead pig or cow later on. :-)
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    Not every day...

    Seeing this picture I came to think of one " not standard job" I had this summer. It was a Routan, we don't have Routans in Sweden. Asking a question to our support they answered: Routan is a Chrysler only sold in USA. In the end I fixed the car, spare parts could I find in ETKA, but no...
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    Enabling TPMS 7K6 On Passat 2013 can't be done

    I tried to enable indirekt TPMS 7K6 on my Passat 2013 but it desn't accept the code suggestion from VCDS 15.7 +1024. The old code is 2486. How do I do? Sunday,02,August,2015,19:32:53:00787 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 7 x64(VMWare) VCDS Version (x64) Data...
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    Pics of summer 2015

    Picture taken 9pm yesterday. I didn't go inside until 11pm... one of few nice warm summer days/evenings this summer here.
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    Why don't people listen...?

    Today I put my summer wheels on on both of my cars passat and octavia. suddenly a collegue... came by with a porsche cayenne it had misfires. i told hiim to use the old vas-pc in obd-mode. He didn't know what I meant... I'lll fix it next tuesday, bring it to me I said. and turned up the volume...
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    Sad, I´m sad...

    This last night my dog died... we don't know why. His name was Ringo, golden retriever, 11 years old when he died. I dis a poor job at work today, probably tomorrow too.
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    Nothing beats this: Why don't you americans/NATO send more of these cement trucks to fight aginst IS in Syria? :-)