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    General Corona Virus Discussion

    Just after reading Uwe mentioning it, I noticed a South African friend of mine had sent me this. It’s a Bit/very long but a very interesting discussion on ivermectin, a parasitic drug effective against COVID
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    General Corona Virus Discussion Hopefully your family’s will get theirs soon. I was sent a pack in early December Really I guess my point was someone up high thinks it’s worth us all taking it to help boost our immune...
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    General Corona Virus Discussion

    Every one in the uk that’s clinically extremely vulnerable and in the shielding group. Has been offered/given a free supply of vitamin D. From the NHS.
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    Mk7 Golf 2014 Replacement SRS Airbag module.

    Thanks mate I thought that might be the case. When you say “officially” are you hinting there may be ways round it. I’ll understand if we are not supposed to discuss here. Ill carry on and confirm the feeds earth and CAN integrity.
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    Mk7 Golf 2014 Replacement SRS Airbag module.

    Hi I have this mk7 golf with no communication with the airbag module. Fuses all good. I have still some testing to do. However I called the dealer to get a price for a new one. They tell me that it takes a few days to deliver as it has to be partly coded at the factory and then further coding is...
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    Audi A8 2003, Battery drain.

    Hi all, I have a few questions that i'm hoping you can help me with: 1. What can cause the 05 module to stay awake (other than the keys)? 2. Is it under the carpet on LHS regardless of LHD or RHD? 3. Has anyone seen this module cause a 0.15 amp drain? Background and details below - hope...
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    Audi A6 2006 F4 Rear exterior lighting problem.

    Hi all i am looking for a bit of advice with this job. The vehicle had been off the road for a few months. It has been at other repair shops before coming to me. It had ABS and engine management faults that were easy enough to fix. And the customer asked me to fix a number of lighting faults as...
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    Audi A3 3.2 BUB engine, possable cam timing error.

    Hi, Can any one confirm for me what i suspect is happening with an Audi a3 I'm looking at. The vehicle has had a timing chain replacement done by a previous garage. It then ran fine for a couple of weeks. However it then started cutting out at junctions and was driven back to the repair shop...
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    2010 audi a3 2.0ltr common rail, CFFB engine. fuel pressure fault.

    Hi I have a problem with an A3 that belongs to a motor trade customer, The previous history is unknown and it was bought at auction with this fault. The car starts and runs every time although it cranks a little longer than i think is normal. It has a rev limit when stationary and produces no...
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    MK5 Golf 1K Problem calabrating steering. code 02546 and 00778

    Hi all. Can i ask for advice with this one please, i know it can cause problems and i have read lots of posts here. And I have have read and followed the instructions on the wiki. This car has ate mk60 abs esp so the steering angle sensor is under the steering wheel. and requires basic setting...
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    07 vw Eos convertable Roof coding problem.

    Hi I am new to your forum. I have been a vcds user for a few years, i have asked my very helpfull uk supplier ilexa. about this and derek suggested asking on your customer is pushing me now so i hope you dont mind me asking in the new user section. i have had a reply from Linda but i...