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    Mk4 gti sunroof functions are reversed!!

    So here is the deal, im working on my newly aquired mk4 gti vr6. its a 2001. When i first got it, the sunroof motor was dead. it would turn a little but ultimately it would fail to move the sunroof. i went and purchaced one used, and it works fine. except for the fact that the functions are...
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    2007 Q7 econ stuck on, with full refrigerant charge???

    im looking for help in diagnosing this issue. 2007 q7 4.2 Econ button will not turn off. and therefore i cant get the climatronic unit to kick the compressor on and actually provide a/c to the cabin. I've checked the a/c charge, and i have:banghead: pressure. Ive run the auto scan and have...