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    Seat Leon 5F - ABS - RHD > LHD

    Hi friends I looking coding which byte change in abs to conversion rhd > lhd. Anybody help me ? Thanks for help. Wednesday,28,October,2020,09:33:00:16059 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 7 x64 VCDS Version: (x64) HEX-V2 CB: 0.4513.4 Data version: 20200730...
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    Can frame - odx - translator

    Hi friends I build transmition dsg dq200 emulator for stand tester. Where I found / buy information about transmision information via can, need emulate engine speed, breake status and more information. Thanks for help
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    Golf MK7 Halogen to FULL LED

    Hi friends I have golf 2016 with halogen and make retrofit full led, I have some errors in scan, becouse golf have little crash. Have you tutorial ? I install module 4B, and connect lamp to this module, have communication with led module and what next ? I need change BCM ? or maybe change...
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    Ibiza 6J - esp 9.0 problem

    Hello friends, I have a small problem Ibiza 2015 1.2 TSI ESP 9.0 auto after the conversion from RHD to LHD, in esp returns one and the same error, after deleting not depending on anything once after 100m, once after 2km jumps error. The second error is from tyre pressure, it jumps at the same...
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    beetle - windows close / open problem

    Hello friends Beetle 2016, problem with windows passenger / driver. I try to disconnect, adapt, etc. The panel buttons 09 work correctly (manual and automatic) At the first opening and closing of the drive door (the windows are lowered and raised), the second is the same, only the third, only...
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    Beetle 2016 - Retrofit - PDC

    Hi friends Have little problem, install pdc rear & front to Beetle 2016, buy PDC unit, connect, coding, but have some bugs: 1. units not responde to gatway 2. when I normal click and diagnostic module have two errors Have you idea ? maybe I have wrong pdc module ? but I check in ETKA and...
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    Start stop button & close button

    Hi, I have beetle 2012 form Canada with CA, have two problem, I try repair but no idea: Problem with start / stop button, I open car, go inside, click> ignition on, when I click again> nothing happens (normal car> ignition off), when push brake pedal and click> start engine, click again>...
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    Beetle PDC - only rear

    Hi I want install pdc to beetle 2012, but only rear pdc, I have unit pdc 5C5 919 475C, how coding / disable front pdc ? in coding options haven't options.
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    Passat CC - 2013 - drl blink

    Hi friends I have problem with passat cc 2013 - with led front DRL, I convert USA - EU I change coding on byte 18, and when I have ignition led light ok, but when start engine, drl's led blinking. Maybe disable cold diagnostic ? but how ?
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    A6 C7 - automatic lid tailgate

    Hi friend: I have problem, I try retrofit electric lid Audi A6 C7 - 2012 Avant I look on schematics, and I have problem with tailgate latch mechanism. In sedan: have 5pins - 2pin for motors, 3pins for 2 switch & gnd and going to comfort module. In avant: on schematic have 6pins, but each...
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    Seat Leon - ACC

    Hi friends I try retrofit ACC, so I mounted used radar or switch on steering column. I have some question 1. component security only activation online via dealer seat ? 2. how change coding ABS ? which byte activation ACC ? 3. I have some missing error on can, this is errors from component...
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    Seat Leon 5F0 PLA retrofit

    Hi friends I have little problem, I can't coding park assist module. Can I copy rod file from skoda ? and change name to SE ? (seat) ? and I can read error ? Have you any idea why I can't coding, non-stop 31 error. Friday,10,June,2016,17:54:05:27911 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator...
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    Audi TT - 8N0 - change abs module

    Hi firends, I have little problem, abs module is dead, 8N0309379D, I put used 8N0309379 E (quattro), I can't change coding to FWD, only accept AWD. How change coding ? I read on uncle google, that this pump have hard method codign, what is ? THX for help...
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    Phaeton dead ?

    Hello firends, I have big problem with Phaeton 2004, 4.2 petrol. Car worked fine, I connect VCDS, start auto-scan driver list, and click erase fault codes, when program erase 17-19 driver, my laptop turn off. Now in car nothing work, only radio and electric seat, no ignition. When I...
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    Passat B7 - key matching problem

    Hello friends Car: Passat B7 2014 I have little problem with remote key matching, when I go to 46 ecu, choose adaptation > channel 0 > value 0 > save (everything is ok) , and when I go to channel 01 is error, have you idea ? I try FVDI but the same result.