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    Steering angle Multivan

    Hi friends, I have one Multicaravan having an issue with steering angle sensor due the previous repairer remove the steering wheel and not fit it back to the original position then the message and light on. I am trying to get the security login code if anyone knows how to obtain one? Thanks...
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    Brake Issue on Audi Q7 2016

    Hi, I have Audi Q7, the brake is not holding power and so the brake is not working well. Servo has replaced a new one but the issue remains. - check the brake pipe and hoses, no leak. - Air bleeding is correct. DTC remain, P050F, Brake Boost Vaccomm too low.
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    Engine oil level sensor defected

    Hi, Oil level sensor message low shown defected 00562 - Sensor for Oil Level/Temperature (G266) , 010 - Open or Short to Plus 1- Wiring check and no cut. 2- Voltage supply seem alright from the ECU. 3- Connection plug to sensor is confirm proper latched. 4- Engine oil level is visually...
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    A4 Airbag module coding reject

    Dear all, A4 2009, vehicle came with airbag light on and DTC was U0112 voltage too high, we have checked all related and then finally it pin pointed to the module fault. new module replace and component protect had been done but coding was not successful, we have confirmed with our part...
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    Reset Adblue 2015 Q7

    Dear all, I have Q7, 2016 MY and the Adblue is counting down now and I am trying to reset it after the full tank filled but it would not let and unsuccessful. Attached is the full scan. The message on the VCDS on Resetting learning value for reducing agent metering system routine not OK. I...
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    Q7 2016, Instrument Cluster Fault Limited Warning Message

    Q7 2016, Instrument Cluster Fault Limited Warning Message, I tried to do Auto Scan but it is having feedback that the Can Bus is not responding, I am wondering if it is the car issue or software not support. However, I can manage to read the individual module which has issue on this instrument...
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    VCDS Auto scan error

    Hi, My VCDS is having a problem when doing the Auto Scan, it is for any car but I can sample for Q7, 2012, as attached. I have tested the device to the car successfully and also test different car, once I keep doing it for 5-10 times auto scan for the same vehicle then sometime it goes through...
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    A7 Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

    Dear all, I just installed used ACC for A7, but it is require to do the adaptation and also the code. Do you have any idea how we retrieve the adaptation done correctly to get it work? Monday,14,March,2016,12:39:02:52357 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 7 x86 VCDS...
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    Q7 engine could crank, ECU cannot reach

    Hi, Got an Q7, gasoline, engine cannot crank and ECU cannot reach by VCDS. Before the car was starting sometime and now completely dead. the symptom was engine will not crank when the temperature gauge going up to the max when ignition was on, but once the car kept for 5-15 mins the engine can...
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    Audi Q7, engine Cannot crank

    Dear mate, I got a car in for injector #4 replacement, once I replaced new #4 and engine can start and run as normal, I am followed the procedure by carried out the injector adaptation by putting the injector code in for #4 but it failed several times, then I started the engine and run normal...
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    Key remote matching issue Q7

    Dear mate, I have issue that cannot do remote matching, on Q7, 2010. 315MHz. I have another key to add which need to get the remote match to the existing working key. I have followed the step in this video but it was not the same step. I am having...
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    Q7 no pressure to start

    Mate, I got a Q7, 2008, Diesel, no pressure to start, we visually see there is slightly moving of fuel out from the High pressure pump when cranking. 1- There are some fault store like glow plug and fuel regulator. 2- Replaced the new High pressure pump and the car start as normal and power...
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    Audi Q7 2007 long cranking no start

    I had a Audi Q7 2007 which is long cranking and no start after keeping few day the car is working fine. but sometime the car back to cranking and no start again. Why does it always repeat again and again? The fuel system is very good, battery also, fuse ok! I'm so wondering what is the reason of...
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    Audi Q7 2007 Difficult to start the Engine

    Hi, Today i have one Audi car really difficult to start the engine, I crank many time to get the engine start! we already check the fuse and main cable connect it was fine! I notice with VCDS auto scan sometime show the "Engine OK", and sometime show the " Engine sporadic communication error"...
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    Q7, P20E8 Mil On

    Dear Mate, I got the Audi Q7, 2009 which got the DTC (P20E8 - 001 - Pressure too Low). Mil On. - Performance is okay but only check light on. - I have cleaned the Adblue injector, visually cannot see it is too dirty. - Inspected the air hose, but all good. Any idea? Best regards...