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    Resolved Data bus error Stg.A5 after Lane Assist retrofit

    Check bit 6 in byte 3 of your radar:
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    A5-Frt Sens. Drv. Assist not working after MIB2.5 High retrofit

    In your A5 coding you have PSD set to disabled. In 5F adaptations it is set to PSD v1.5. So try changing your A5 coding byte 10 to 23.
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    MK6 with BT install. BT menu issues.

    There isn't something like a PolarFIS inline with the gateway by any chance?
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    Resolved 2013 Passat C3 - [03] ABS brakes Malfunction (Incorrectly Coded).

    Ah yes thanks Dana should have noticed they drive on the correct side of the road like me ;)
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    CODING (R36 Drivetrain in a 2008 Touran)

    Actually I had another thought - have you tried the previous EU4 software for BWS? Try 03H 906 032 AM sw 3488.
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    ABS Coding (MK60EC1 after Engine Swap)

    DSG (change) 2 (to) Manual Transmission
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    CODING (R36 Drivetrain in a 2008 Touran)

    There is logic in the ECU for brake test switch. I ran into this issue when I replaced the MED9.1 in my R36 with MED17 from Passat NMS. Because the R36 has EPB (PQ46 platform) and the NMS does not (same as PQ35) the brake test switch logic in the ECU is invalid, so brake light comes on...
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    Golf 7 2014 ACC/CAM upgrade

    MIB is configured for an amplifier on the MOST bus. So it shows up as a missing device. Need to change coding in byte 4 (speaker config) byte 11 (amp config) and also in adaptations (digital sound system and also amplifier). As it's coded for this the sound parameters will also be setup for an...
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    Need ABS coding for VW GTI 2009 (MK60EC1)

    Do you have an autoscan from a similarly specced car delivered to the Middle East? Not sure if there might be some differences with some of the options. If you do have one please post for comparison.
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    Need ABS coding for VW GTI 2009 (MK60EC1)

    Ideally ABS coding should be restored online to ensure correct coding of safety systems. You can try this to start: 113B600D092500FA880E03E8901B0041A90000 No guarantees or warranty for correctness/completeness.
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    B6 Passat Cruise Control after auto to manual swap

    EPB also expects clutch position sensor (T5j/3) to be wired to T30/1.
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    TSR does not update signs after sometime

    Yeah in this case update to S is probably OK. But of course at own risk as there is no easy return to previous revision.
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    TSR does not update signs after sometime

    S firmware works, but there are few considerations: 1. the lane assist indicator in the cluster no longer works in the same way. When you turn it on, it no longer goes orange for inactive, then green for active. It stays dark, then it goes orange when it CAN engage, but hasn't got the lines...
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    AUDI Q3RS 8U 2014 to MK6 golf R swap

    There are still plenty of DQ500 Tiguans in Aus. Both TSI and TDI (which has a slightly longer 4th-7th gears). I got a TSI for my car.