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    Seat Alhambra MY16

    Thursday,19,January,2017,21:54:59:12646 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 7 x86 VCDS Version: Data version: 20170106 DS267.0 Dealer/Shop Name: Workshop Code: VIN: VSSZZZ7NZHV705034 License Plate: Mileage: 4410km-2740mi Repair Order...
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    Skoda Yeti 2015 with Amundsen MIB STD2 PQ and Sound System maps

    Below you can find coding of Skoda Yeti 2015 equipped with Amundsen MIB STD2 PQ naviagation unit (Skoda version of VW Discover Media MIB STD2 PQ) and Sound System. I hope it can help you to create labels for 5L0035680 (Amundsen) and 5L0035200 (Bolero - Skoda version of VW Coposition Media MIB...
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    Hi, I have replaced Columbus (RNS510) in my Superb 2 with Amundsen MIB STD2. There are ROD errors as you can se in below log. I know thios is not the standard configuration but if you find some time... :) And there was no label file - I had to use 3V0-035-MIB-STD2.clb (which works pretty...
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    VCDS support for Skoda Fabia III

    I will post here tweaks I made for Skoda Fabia III. CORNERING LIGHTS VIA FOG LIGHTS Module 09, Security Code, enter 31347, then Adaptations and change channels: (5)-Leuchte12NL LB40-Light_Function_B_12 from not active to Abbiegelicht links (5)-Leuchte13NL RB3-Light_Function_B_13 from not active...
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    rSAP compatibility issues

    I have identified an issue with SIM cards. I used: - 4 different phones that support rSAP: HTC One M7, HTC One M8, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5 (HTC One M7 supports rSAP after latest update to Lollipop 5.0.2) - 2 different Superbs (both with BT Premium / GSM III module - mine with 3C8 035 730 E and my...