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    Security Access Codes question

    @MLB If anything, Don was being very helpful & informative, nothing snarky in his reply at all tbh.
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    Golf 7 2.0tdi dsg6 2015

    The Pirate moniker made me chuckle
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    Download Old VCDS version

    8P chassis's, 04 & 05, wont calibrate steering limit stop, checked wss values all showing ok, sees g85 sensor but not showing any degrees of movement in 44 or 03, pre gen 3 so sensor is in the column still. When in 03, basic setting g85 says ok, but also no value of turns shown. If it was wss...
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    Download Old VCDS version

    Hi Sebastian, its Nigel, previous distributor. Having some issues with steering angle on 2 cars now that read fine before, want to rule out everything before swapping number of parts. Can you pm me links for v19 & v20 so I can test tomorrow when with clients. Its probably not anything vcds...
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    Download Old VCDS version

    Hi Anyone got links to download v19, v20.4 as need to test some issues to rule out hexnet vcds is the issue. Can't find any via RT site. Thanks.
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    A5 8T 2013 Side Assist Calibration Process

    Hi all Could anyone advise the process to calibrate the side assist on this year car We can see the calibration settings available in 3C, but don't know the process. Any help/advice would be much appreciated thanks.